Abadi: we crossed the country from imminent collapse following a drop in oil prices

2016-02-10 00:50:46 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

He stressed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Tuesday evening, that his government was able to "transit" country of the "collapse" of an imminent economic result of the sharp decline in oil prices during the year and a half last year.

Ebadi said in a televised speech: "We were able to cross the country and keep it from imminent economic collapse after the sharp decline in oil prices during the year and a half," noting that "since the honored responsibility and put key reform targets, and it was our ambition to unite all political efforts with us , but that did not materialize. "

He revealed Abadi for "the completion of the preparation of a comprehensive study of the structure of the ministries," pointing out that "extra episodes will be canceled in order to state GOES real work."

It is noteworthy that Iraq is going through an economic crisis because of lower oil prices, Anvaqath in the war against al "Daash", as he emphasized Abadi, on more than one occasion, that Iraq will emerge from the financial crisis in stronger.