A call for the enactment of electronic commerce for food and medicines

2/10/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD Mustafa al-Hashemi
Called for a specialist in the field of electronic and online programs to speed up the enactment of laws means that the rules and the origins of e-commerce, especially in relation to the sale of food and medicine.

He said Ali known in an interview with «morning»: The enactment of such a law will enhance the chances of the use of technology in the economy and contribute to the reduction of administrative corruption, pointing out that at the same time will increase the efficiency of the use of commercial and promotional purposes by the owners of the shops.

He is known and pointed to the need to look at and learn the rules and principles of e-business to facilitate trade and sale of food and medicine in accordance with the regulations adopted by the government in such legislation, particularly that affect a large segment of citizens who need these two commodities.

He pointed out the owners of shops and markets to the use of electronic to sell their goods and their pages taking advantage of the widespread use of the Internet among the public within cities, indicating that the use of social networking sites (Kalves Facebook and Twitter and Alanstgram) to promote the goods or equipment and clothing is popularized a lot lately and made extra profits to the owners of these shops as well as direct sales on the ground, as well as he earned it a good reputation in the virtual world.

He stressed the need to find a law dealing with food, medicine and other substances that enter the country's economy, trade, indicating that the material of luxury clothing and accessories can not be made subject to certain price deal being open market and all the goods with a price different from the other.

He said the introduction of the Internet in economic processes is important, particularly with regard to e-commerce, but it should set conditions fit the reality in Iraq, explaining the importance of the establishment of special offices to help to learn the principles and rules of e-commerce, by inviting consultants and experts in the field of e-commerce for the sessions and training seminars for those interested this area.

It is known and he had predicted earlier in the success and development of this type of trade in Iraq for having the basic ingredients have represented the spread of the Internet service across the country.

A report from one of the companies said that e-commerce will be the main engine for the economies of the Arab world over the next 10 years.