Diyala Council refers to corruption Integrity Commission files amounts exceeding 30 billion Iraqi dinars

2016-02-09 23:23:42 | (Voice of Iraq) - Diyala

Announced the Diyala provincial council, said Tuesday, referring 17 files relating to the waste of public money to the Integrity Commission for investigation, noting that the volume of money in the uploaded files in excess of 30 billion Iraqi dinars.

The head of the Integrity Committee in the Diyala provincial council, Abdul-Khaliq al-Azzawi in an interview (range Press), "The Integrity Committee in Diyala raised the Council today .17 special file squandering public money to those investigative in the Integrity Commission all the documents and official papers."

Al-Azzawi said that "the size of the funds raised in the Integrity Commission to exceed 30 billion dinars files," noting that "financial corruption is a serious scourge threatening the government departments in Diyala and processing requires concerted painstaking efforts and sacrifices."

It is noteworthy that Iraq has long occupied the advanced ranks in the global indices of corruption, since corruption is a challenge, "no less a threat" from terrorism faced since 2003, despite the announcement of successive governments to the fight against corruption a priority of its work.