Refunds minister, resulting in a reduction of their salaries and retroactive

21:16 9/2/2016

He criticized the parliamentary finance committee member Haitham al-Jubouri, on Tuesday, the Council of Ministers' decision to "reset" the amounts resulting from the reduction of the salaries of ministers to them and retroactively, in what was considered the decision as "wrapping" on previous promises and "laughter" on chins and "disregard" the feelings of the demonstrators.

Jubouri said in a press statement that "the decision of the Council of Ministers, the last in its session on refunds resulting from the reduction in the salaries of ministers and approved a package of reforms in accordance with the Resolution 333 in 2015 to the ministers and retrospective, is considered a circumvention of the previous promises and laughing on chins and Hntha constitutional oath and disregard for the feelings the demonstrators