Learn mafias .. hidden Iraqi institution!


Tuesday , February 9, 2016

She warns interested in Iraqi affairs from the spread of mafias, which are comparing the Integrity Commission Parliamentary b "Italian mafias," which begins with gangs and then turn to the parties, but in Iraq begins parties and organizations and then turn to the mafias.

Its members began searching for the bones and skulls in cemeteries and wooing American soldiers after the fall of Baghdad in 2003, and quickly turned into a political mafia and economic control of the most important game filaments in Iraq, according to many testimonies.

"If you want smarter mafia in Iraq, see, then you should go to the institution of political prisoners in Baghdad's Karrada district," Thus says Jawad Mundhiri , which defines itself as "the former political prisoner" during the reign of Saddam Hussein.

Mundhiri who spoke to toss News from the people of Diyala province, which is reviewing the institution of political prisoners since 2007 until now to obtain what he calls his legal rights, claiming it is a political prison in Basra in 1992, but it does not has a "mode" or political knowledge, so it "was not able to penetrate the mafia institution of political prisoners," he described.

What is the smartest mafia in Iraq?

To answer this question, one must go back to the early days of the fall of Baghdad in April / April 2003, where he is detected mass graves in Iraq, told a timely manner as part of the former Iraqi regime's crimes against his opponents, but the Mafia Smart frequented by Jawad Mundhiri was known as "free prisoners organization", and most of its members from returning to Iraq after the US invasion and who were looking for something else which prisons and jails Iraqi files.

According to people close to the organization, most of these were not political prisoners already, but opponents are silent to the Baath Party of the Shiite Islamist currents and Tamehon in the share of the booty to be provided by the Americans.

And actually, persuaded the officers for the US army formed an organization "free prisoners" Iraqi and through it managed to capture hundreds of thousands of documents, reports and records of security seals and they were allowed the Americans to take over the Palace belonging to one of the Iraqi officials on the Tigris River in Baghdad Utaifiyya area to be used as the headquarters of them began their project "smart" growth through tens of thousands of associate members of the organization before they turn into an institution the size of the Ministry now includes hundreds of thousands of members.

Quest for the bone

Was in the period that followed the fall of Baghdad, hundreds of Iraqis who are looking for information or in mass graves for the remains of their loved ones who executed Saddam, and it was natural to go to the new organization called "free prisoners", which owns all security documents, which infused their project the credibility of popular sympathy and wide, but the organization was looking for the remains of different bones are the bones of unidentified and displaced persons and guests mental hospitals and accident victims who Aestdl on their loved ones and that was the capital Baghdad Municipality Tdvenhm in the tombs of al-Karkh and other cemeteries dedicated to this purpose in the provinces, according to informed sources revealed.

She explained sources to toss News "the goal of political prisoners Organization of the search for the remains of such a" turning them into victims executed by the system through the issuance of a formal written using paper and seals the security courts, penal institutions taken over by the organization with the knowledge of the Americans and the dates of the ancient and the names matching the names of the members of the organization to benefit from the provisions fiction and privileges will get them later, "and this explains the" imaginary number executed for each member of the big heads in the organization, which amount to 20 times the number of women and children. "

How the institution move policy strands in Iraq

After the formation of what is known as the "Interim Governing Council" in July 2003 and the emergence of new political class, had to the organization to obtain political and legal legitimacy, Vapetkr Kabarha idea of serving their organization and entice new political and is included as political prisoners and victims of the system the former to receive their share of the spoils and privileges big.

When he took Nuri al-Maliki as prime minister, in 2006 came with his friend and the son of his province, "Hussein Ali Royal", and laid him on the enterprise that was announced officially by law No. 4 in 2006 by al-Maliki the presidency to the government's head, and then proposed to the politicians, the age of the so-called law of "jihadist service."

The Law "jihadist service", a salary huge pension for his years of new politicians in the opposition to the former regime and who rushed to approval in parliament, and so the idea of the Royal from the organization turned to the Foundation paid for politicians sums huge salaries the allocations peer "jihad" against the former regime, and sanctify official books, including for senior ministerial positions and this, according to experts, "what enabled the Royal and his establishment of control over the important joints in Iraqi political life, as well as the imposition of the names of those close to him and al-Maliki, in sensitive positions."

When the announced the establishment of "popular crowd" fatwa from Sistani, the organization was quick to ally with and support financially and some fighters to confer new legitimacy, the fact that the Mafia "smart" sensed assigned to the crowd in the later stages of the role of the Iraqi theater, thus becoming their organization "invincible force," according to observers .

What are the financial privileges and how they are destroying the economy?

With the new year 2016 became the Foundation's political prisoners, dozens of branches and representative offices in all provinces of Iraq and in Iran, and reached its members, according to unofficial statistics, about 470 thousand members and more than 500 thousand beneficiaries, earns most of them two salaries or 3 to 4 salaries per month, the fact that the institution has allowed them to charge more than mattresses and provided them with books for appointment by acclamation and thus penetrated and seized control of the circuits and the Iraqi ministries have also been appointed as consultants in other institutions at the same time, as well as their salaries from the organization as prisoners and their salaries for "jihadi service," which are deducted annually from the state budget .

and gets them to the amount of 80 million Iraqi dinars after joining the organization and validation as former political prisoners, and given a piece of land and $ 40 million for the building and go to the pilgrimage and visit Shiite shrines in Iran and treatment outside Iraq at the expense of the state and for any disease, it was with the amount of 5 million Iraqi dinars as an expense.

among other privileges of "political prisoners" calculation of 50 thousand Iraqi dinars, per prisoner per day for each day prison before April 9, 2003 with a fixed monthly salary of 800 thousand Iraqi dinars salary fourth if it has a "martyr", most had a "martyrs" only on paper from unknown who buried the secretariat of Baghdad.

it is interesting with this extravagance is the number of complaints with the former regime, victims and political prisoners from non-Shiite parties, who are demanding their rights without paying attention to them political prisoners, led by "the Shiite Islamic Foundation "Hassan Sultani, who says he was imprisoned for five years in the eighties, and then released before fleeing outside Iraq for 15 years and come back with the US army in 2003.