Monetary mail .. veil against thieves

Date: Mon 02/08/2016 15:44
Baghdad / Iraq today:
Durgham called Muhammad Ali -almokhts in economic affairs, the Central Bank of Iraq to "encourage banks to adopt effective initiatives in activating the cash-mail experience, to facilitate trade, and eliminate the risk of currency theft." Competent Ali, tried to list us most of the advantages of entering the cash on to the front of the country's financial dealings "
Dealing with cash-mail, via credit cards and payment by mobile phone, will reduce significantly the risk of carrying cash, large amounts, and reduces cases of theft, armed robbery, and serves the customer and business dealings both, "either what will gain him the Central Bank of the country, said that the introduction of electronic cash in his dealings, he was, according to Ali: "the central bank, in turn, will provide exaggerated large for the cost of printing new currencies, as an alternative to the damaged currency that replace large amounts of them each year, due to the large number of trading .. while dealing mail, does not need to handle small currencies", seal Ali, mentioning another feature, will produce a deal on the financial field: "the deal on, he can, reduce the minimum class in the accounting adjustments, something that has a positive impact on confidence in the value of the national currency."