Privatization and an effective means of diversifying resources

(Encyclopedia of the Day News | Iraq News) - Bgdadalaguetsad News. - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb trend towards privatization has become a one-effective solutions that do production and service sectors and maintain a turnover inside Iraq, according to a specialist in economic affairs.

The global stock representative in Baghdad, Osama Mahmoud: The financial distress experienced by Iraq is pushing to search for real solutions pushing the multiplicity of resources, pointing out that privatization represents one of the multiplicity of resources for its contribution to outlets in the activation of the local production.

He pointed out that the privatization of agriculture, industry and services sectors have a prominent role in overcoming the effects of the crisis as the mentioned sectors suffer from almost complete paralysis of its production, but represent a significant burden on the Iraqi economy.

Mahmoud between these sectors production and resources are negligible in front of what cost to the state of the salaries and expenses of the overburden from the shoulders of the Iraqi budget, for example, dairy plants and laboratories leather and food factories cost the state salaries and large expenses with the knowledge that their products are limited in the markets, pointing out that the inclusion of these companies within the privatization projects lead to the achievement of several gains for the Iraqi economy in the forefront of the workers and employees of these factories from the government sector turned to the private sector, thereby raising the burden of operating expenses on the shoulders of the public sector to the private sector, and to provide a quality product high unable to compete with imported products, as well as reducing hard currency emerging from Iraq to import these products from outside the country.

He stressed that the privatization of the oil sector achieved positive impact through the creation of infrastructure for oil system be modern specifications avoided the subject of export of crude oil and the import of oil derivatives Bklv prohibitive.

He noted that privatization provides an opportunity to develop a cadre of skilled workers in the minute their jurisdiction, could also be given the oil sector and the promotion of imports establishment of an investment portfolio in a falling world oil markets in the stock markets as it is enhanced oil imports through the entry of global stock markets in the field of oil and profits and imports added to oil imports by trading in the world's oil.