Kanani: Give the banks, "currency exchange" contributes to lifting the economy

02/07/2016 19:00 (Baghdad time)

Special - balances News
He said the Investment Committee and member of the parliamentary Economy Ahmed Kanani, said on Sunday that granting civil and government banks the right to sell and exchange currency will contribute to raising the economy.

Said Kanani's / balances News /, that "the central bank has a mechanism to prepare plans for banks a new" government and private, "and the old and give them the right to sell and exchange currency."

He said a member of the Investment Committee and the parliamentary economy, "The commitment of these banks and the instructions of the Central Bank will contribute to raising the economy."

This "announced Misdemeanor Court of integrity, money laundering and economic crime in Baghdad for the start of private banks to pay what Bzmtha of fines and benefits Tojerih to the Central Bank of Iraq, pointing out that under the time limit expires early next year and by 10 billion dinars per month," .anthy 29/34 R.