Oil Minister calls for the restoration of the national oil company

2/8/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD Shokran Fatlawi
It called for an economic seminar to the need to return to the national oil company as a managerial alternative to dispersion found in the structure of the oil industry and solving optimal at the present time, coinciding with the economic crisis faced by the country, as well as to utilize them in building the foundation for the reform of the oil sector and overall economic development. This came in a symposium organized by the progress of the development policies of the Institute, and attended the »morning» under the title «rebuild the national oil company and patterns of oil production,» the presence of the Minister of Oil d. Adel Abdul-Mahdi and a group of oil experts and economists. Initiated the symposium word Institute Dr. manager. Mehdi al-Hafez among which the «National Oil Company« was and is a vital and essential tool completely get rid of the oil hegemony overseas, since the issuance of Law No. 80 of 1961, being the record the first step for the Liberation of Iraq's oil and its sources of colonial domination privileges imposed in conditions contrary to the requirements of national sovereignty and economic development objectives. »

He said Hafiz said «the national oil company, is the administrative action alternative dispersion existing in the structure of the oil sector, it is useful to get rid of waste-based oil revenues required, accompanied by the necessity of having the desire and the will seriously to reconsider the program of service contracts, and find a suitable solution in the formula force in the Kurdistan region to discuss the problem-solving and exit format suitable for the production, coinciding with the rapid buildup of falling oil prices out objectively solving stems from concern for the public money ».

For his part, Oil Minister Dr. Adel Abdul-Mahdi, the need for economic openness and get rid of the concept of unilateral, like the countries of the world, Marja on the Chinese experience that caused a coup radically in development processes and dependence on companies, pointing out that «China does not hold the Ministry of Oil, and runs Wealth oil which - a fifth oil producer in the world are companies », indicating that« the public domain differ from state ownership, since it is possible that the first be the king of the group and rumored to regulate the property through an internal mechanism ».uarj Abdul-Mahdi, that« the Iraqi economy navigate between the four stages of the first was the agricultural nature of the almost full, where most of Iraq's population live in the countryside, and minority live in cities, and the agricultural life dominant, then began to rely on the oil pattern, where he became the country depends on oil, then began the stage of the war economy, which consumed oil and other sectors in 1986 «. He pointed out that «the recent economic juncture for the country, the stage of economic distortion, where he became the state put her hand on everything which is committed to the philosophy of economic one, but a clash of interests and benefits of managed internal networks impede the work of everything».

He concluded his speech, Minister of Oil of the need to return to the national oil company as a natural context, with the financial crisis, and to work to renew the visions and the immediate commencement of operations of investment and employment generation in an attempt to get out of the current crisis.

In the intervention, d. Akram Abdel Aziz, a member of the Baghdad Economic Forum has been raising the issue of Article 111 of the Iraqi constitution he has indicated that oil and gas are the property of the people in all the regions and Hons did not improve his understanding of what needs to be some clarification and also touched him d. Mehdi al-Hafez and in this regard and in the light of the quest to re-activate the role of the national oil company and the associated quest to develop patterns of oil production, how will the relationship between the center and the region shape and wondered about the flotation of the national oil company mechanism Will the adoption of the foundations and the mechanisms and controls in this regard?

We are talking about such a vital subject of where that oil is the source of the sustainability of the economic life of Iraq ..

And wondered why not go about building rules for oil and petrochemical products, particularly that Iraq had a role in this area and why we continue to import oil derivatives until 2019? I do not think the problem in Iraqi minds and experiences are the same, which was a key tributary to the success of the substantive work of the ministry in all crises, and whether that reason is technological, financial, technical? An important topic requires to stop and reconsider, especially that Iraq is going through a financial hardship requires serious discussion about everything that establishes the rules Aiardih is impoverished.