Antoine: supporting the private sector spends on unemployment

2/8/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Farah pumice
Exhorted economic stakeholders expert on the need to develop and support the private sector, which is the «big pot» which absorbs unemployment and outputs of universities, colleges and professional disciplines and integrate the labor market, in line with the strategy developed by the Ministry of Planning and competent operation of vocational training.

Emphasizes expert on behalf of Antoine important Greater support for the private sector to take a position ahead in alleviating the burden on the state, by attracting universities and institutes outputs to create job opportunities for them, increasing their productivity, thus leading to the growing GDP doubly in the construction and reconstruction operations, and to achieve a real leap in productive sectors .

He said Antoine that the country suffers from a large Problems in the field of education, as the vocational education does not constitute more than 20 percent, and education and scientific and literary as many as 80 percent, calling to reverse the process of education to fit into the next phase requirements, plans and strategies career, and saw that the country needs to Iyad operating an efficient professional, which misses Iraq years what constitutes angel centrist ago, so it has to be the rebuilding of education on the basis of professional them in contact with the need Almojtma.uad Antoine private sector «big pot» which absorbs unemployment and alumni, come out annually to the labor market as approximately 300 to 450 thousand people Reconstruction young and more, especially as the unemployment represents the age groups between 15 to 30 years, adding that the Iraqi people from the young people, which is missing in the European communities, as well as Iraq's universities graduated nearly 160,000 graduates, however Available of jobs nearly 10 percent.

He noted the expert that the plan extensive set by the Ministry of planning to run vocational training included finding jobs for graduates and their equitable distribution, and basically it is the private sector to receive the new workforce entering the labor market and to mitigate for the general budget, which goes section larger ones to the operational budget for the disbursement of government employees and retirees dues.