Prime Minister calls to avoid emotional political rhetoric to weaken international support for Iraq

14:05, February 7, 2016 - (31 visits)

Baghdad Opinion Policy
He called on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to avoid emotional political rhetoric that sows doubt and sectarianism in the community in addition to weaken international support for Iraq.
Ebadi said in his speech during the peaceful coexistence conference speech MP Ali Keywords that "urgent Our mission is to mobilize the energies and possibilities to continue the great victories achieved mujahedeen heroes and expelled Daash of cities and towns and the unification of the political situation and the speech media and social effort to gain more international and regional support for Iraq in its war against terrorism and avoid political discourse emotional and sectarian and which is fueling conflicts and sows doubt and despair and frustration in society and weaken the volume of international support enjoyed by Iraq today to cope with the financial crisis plaguing the country as a result of lower oil prices need the cooperation of everyone to support the steps taken by the government and the parliament to address this major hurdle. "
"I applaud this your conference, which is held to support the national project of peaceful coexistence and the prohibition of hatred and extremism and Mubarak you to the members of the Committee of Religious Endowments and Religious Affairs parliamentary efforts in the preparation of all the requirements of this national project, which is in addition to all the other projects that rise to the task of national reconciliation and the renunciation of violence and hatred."
He stressed that "the fight against terrorism, a major national necessity required by the unity of Iraq's land and people to face the conspiracy sow sectarian strife and national strife, which aims to undermine the unity of Iraq and tearing up national cohesion and social fabric and waste of wealth and prejudice Bmqomath dropping his dignity and sovereignty."
And "in order to defeat the conspiracies and close the doors against all conspirators at home and abroad and the creation of social, intellectual, cultural and political climate to consolidate the unity of the Iraqi people of all religions and sects and nationalities and achieve peaceful coexistence, security among all of its components and supporting our fighters Champions efforts in the armed forces and the Mujahideen of the crowd mantles and volunteers from sons precious clans and fighters of the Peshmerga in the holy jihad against Daash terrorist gangs are backed by standing behind that target all factions of the Iraqi people and committed the most heinous crimes against humanity, war crimes, and far removed from the cultural, religious and humanitarian values. "
He pointed out that "these crimes represent a conspiracy depth against Islam and the principles and values-Semitism and for all, and Lgel hard work and dedication to build a state and remove all obstacles that hinder the sincere efforts of the people to achieve peace and social justice and the rule of law and institutions security," pointing to "the need for concerted efforts in the government and the House of Representatives and the judiciary and independent bodies to fight terrorism and work to defeat and uproot the roots from all over Iraq. "
He stressed the need to "protect the social fabric and maintained that the necrosis spyware extremism and hatred and then contention and conflict sectarian, ethnic and tugging Iraq has enjoyed the diversity of religious and sectarian and nationalist within the organization per country and contributed to all through history in the construction of the civilizations of successive, protect and defend the sovereignty and was a social integration is a feature premium to the people despite the presence of the rulers of the darkness to exploit Created to dominate the rest of the ingredients, but the defeat of the Baath gave to the nest Baeraki historic opportunity seriously to rebuild and constituents, institutions and investment wealth itself on the basis of constitutional and legal achieves all Iraqis the chance a decent living in a unified Iraq. "
It was to be "the fight against corruption and to prosecute the corrupt and recover public money will be of the most important steps that achieve reform a real significantly to building the Iraqi state and provide a real guarantee for not wasting public money and drained by muggers and corrupt" / explaining that "the real national unity means that bears all the burden of nation-building and face the dangers that threaten the safety and everyone contributes to the success of plans, programs and projects that achieve security and stability in Iraq and reconstruction. "
He concluded that "the anti-extremism and hatred and foster a spirit of brotherhood, tolerance and love among Iraqi people requires that shake hands on the good of the Shi'a and Sunni, Arab, Kurdish and Turkmen and Christian and Azadi and Sabian and all religious, national and other ingredients that everyone can contribute to the success of all activities of religious, political, social and cultural events to reach this goal big ".anthy