Iraq moves to enact a law to achieve local development

07 02 2016
Movements enactment of local development

The local administration is seeking in Dhi Qar to enact a law for local development to address the financial problems in government departments, along with the formation of a supreme body to manage the water issue and protect the marshes of risk Alajafav.rias Financial and Economic Committee in the provincial council Rashid palace said in a statement »Sabah» that Council is currently working to enact a law for local development as an alternative to fund the reconstruction of the province in place earlier, noting that the law includes 14 articles relating to levy local revenues and organize a special fund away from the routine and Alberoukratih.wachar that the law had been read twice Board has formed a committee of members of the Finance Committees and legal unification of all the proposals that guarantee the effectiveness of the law before the vote for the legislation. He Serail that the revenue collected from the surplus of the general budget of the province after the completion of the transfer of powers and revenues of other departments, as well as donations, where the law aims to achieve local development and bridging the fiscal deficit in the government departments and address the problems Tarih.ovi the context of another, the governor of Dhi Qar Yahia Nasseri said in his speech during the celebration of the World Day of wetlands in the city of Nasiriyah: the marshes, which enjoys an environment unique and ancient civilization zones extends its history of more than six thousand years should be high on the priorities of all concerned government agencies, calling for redoubled efforts to perpetuate the eligible area and submerged in the marshlands efforts to restore the economic and social status and occupies its privileged position in Alaalmi.odaa Nazarene government, Turkey and Syria, and organizations sponsoring international treaties for the allocation of share of water to areas of the marshes from the Tigris and Euphrates tour guide, because currently the submarine areas of the marshlands constitute only 35 percent of the total area before drying, as well as the formation of a supreme body of water management file on the internal and external levels.

In a related, he drew the first deputy governor of Dhi Qar just Aldechala statement »Sabah» to the completion of the Directorate of Water Resources in the province acts expansion project in the district of Salhiya channel master intruder 20 kilometers within a period of six months. He said the province has sought to find quick solutions to solve the problem of delivering water to areas Syed intruder after the project lining the Shatt Al-Ibrahim failure, persisting that the water will reach to the regions and Alhsasrh or fat until the end of Al-Ibrahim and Christa will run the pumping stations in a way rotation.

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