Fines on 28 banks waged

0702 2016
Media Centre for the judiciary said that the central bank had previously held a number of cases against 28 banks waged against the backdrop of irregularities were discovered by the Office of Financial Supervision in paid what Bzmtha with benefits The delay in previous years amounts amounted to 46 billion dinars, and more than once. »

He said, that «the cover of integrity, money laundering and economic crime court in Baghdad announced the start of private banks to pay what Bzmtha of fines and benefits Tojerih to the Central Bank of Iraq, under a time limit ends with the beginning of 2017 and by 10 billion dinars per month.»

He pointed out, that «the remaining owe fines and benefits of up to 191 billion and 551 million dinars.»

In turn, said Judge Radhi Fartusi, that «private banks committed by a decision of the Central Bank for payment during the timeframe expires in January of next year», indicating that «the payment received by installments totaling 10 billion dinars per month system», noting that "the obligation to pay began since last July ».

The central bank announced, the middle of last week, allowing the Warka Bank engage in banking activities after rehabilitation, including the entry of the sale and purchase of foreign currency window.

The bank said in a statement that he «based on the decision of guardianship for the Warka Bank lifted in accordance with the decision of the Financial Services Court No. 5 / Financial Services / 2013 in September 2013 9, and achieve the goal of monetary stability and the safety of the banking system and out of the role of the Iraqi Central Bank to maintain the trust device Iraqi banking and for the purpose of enabling the bank to perform its active role with the commercial banks operating in Iraq announces his support for the rehabilitation of the Warka Bank for Investment and finance. »

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