Parliamentary Finance: will open a standard account for all ministries and state institutions to stop the waste of public money

0702 2016
Announced the parliamentary finance committee member Haidar Mutlaq al-Kaabi, he will open a standard account of the Ministry of Finance, it includes all ministries, agencies and state institutions.

He said al-Kaabi told all of Iraq [where], "The account will include financial revenues and precautions for these ministries, especially since he was deciding a proposal from the World Bank for the detection of money in those institutions."

He pointed out that "through this account will be money and financial revenues and reserves the collection process in a transparent and well known, and that there is no waste of public money".

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said today that the fight against corruption and to prosecute the corrupt and recover public money, the most important steps that achieve real reform.

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