Nouri: technical measures crashes crowd salaries

Special - balances News - The leader of the popular crowd Karim al-Nuri said the routine and technical procedures for the popular crowd fighters salaries crashes.

He revealed a spokesman for the popular crowd Ahmed al-Asadi, the earlier you start processing the payroll own fighters popular crowd during the next few days, while noting that last year's salaries for the months of November and December is not solved so far due to the lack of adequate allocations in the budget.

He said Noori's / balances News /, that "the delay in the popular crowd salaries due to technical and administrative contexts can control it," adding that "there are procedures designed to resolve the technical problems."

He added that "there are administrative conditions and contexts that are required for the ceiling to the number of the popular crowd and accompanied by some additions led to the delay of salaries," noting that "the budget allocations that have been developed for the popular crowd will work to solve that problem."

It is said that the popular crowd fighters have not been paid for three months. A expires 29/4 e