Kurdistan: Next month will see the system for the distribution of salaries to serve everyone

Twilight News / Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Council held a lengthy meeting on Sunday in Erbil, the new system of salaries.

According to National Media Union, said the meeting looking sort interior ministry salaries and Peshmerga in the first paragraph, it is are sorted forces elements of the salaries on the battlefield against terrorists on the elements of non-participation in the fight against terrorism forces, and the second paragraph refers to the deduction of a temporary salary system and will next month change .

A source said, "will next month in salary distribution system to serve everyone."

Kurdistan Regional Government decided last Wednesday, resolving official circles salaries crisis but with reduced rates.

Since months and Kurdistan is not possible for the distribution of salaries to their employees because of the current financial crisis.

The Kurdistan decided to hold uneven reduction in staff salaries of the higher grades owners covered by 75%, while the reduction included a 15-20 owners of the lower rungs of the staff.

The Council also decided not to include the move to employees of the inner region and the ministries of Peshmerga.