The dollar Alcomerk spearheading the parliamentary financial talks with central bank

02/07/2016 13:07 pm (Baghdad time)

Baghdad balances News
Met with Chairman of the Finance Committee Faleh force with the Central Bank delegation headed by Ali Keywords During the meeting, they discussed several topics, including the subject of customs tariffs and the Central Bank's role in the development of appropriate mechanisms to ensure their application.

He added in a statement received sari / balances News / copy of it, that "during the meeting with Keywords emphasis was placed on the subject of selling the dollar and discuss the issue of import and export and how to promote Besnaatna and re-work the slogan-making in Iraq."

He said in effect "on the money supply in the banking issue and speed of trading and discuss the Deposit Protection Act."

It is said that Iraq suffers from a severe economic crisis because of lower oil prices, prompting Alaovernmh to activate the application of taxes and tariffs Alkmarkih.anthy 29 / D 24