Government pulls e-governance law financial arguments

02/07/2016 14:44 pm (Baghdad time)

Special - balances News
Parliamentary Services Committee, said that the government withdrew its e-governance under the pretext that the law needs to apply to financial abundance.

The government launched the "Overnmtaatkm serving" project, which aims to implement e-governance program in state institutions.

He said committee member Amal Merhi's / balances News /, that "legislation of e-governance law and its importance agreed that members of the Commission services and reconstruction unanimously to pass the bill and read it and then vote on it, and before the legislation was withdrawn by the federal government with a set of laws under the pretext of the financial bush possible to carry the state financial burdens in harsh economic conditions. "

Mari explained that "The project is of great significance in the service departments and other institutions manage and reduce staff in the departments," asserting that "it is not a particularly frightening of financial pleura why the government is dragging."

She continued, "The Commission services addressed the chairman of the parliament to approach the government of the need to bring the project to be able to commission services from its inclusion on the agenda of meetings of the Council agenda for its importance in facilitating services to citizens and simplify the government's measures in the review of state institutions by the citizens and the departments of service."

And on streamlining the government measures and the reason for the delay Merhi, "That it is up to the government itself, and the next he said that there was a failure surely will be delays due to measures intended to simplify was inconsistent, but under the legislation of laws to help enable the work of the Commission."

It is noted that the Government intends to apply the system of governance in the institutions to facilitate the procedures and transactions of the citizens. / End 29/40 P