Chairman of the Investment Commission of Basra: Basra logistics project will provide thousands of jobs and over twenty years
Date: Monday 12/03/2012 22:42

Basra (news) .. The president of BIC behind Badran project Basra Logistics of the most important investment projects that have economic impact on the province will provide thousands of jobs and over twenty years.
A correspondent of the Agency (news) said on Monday: that Badran between During his speech on the occasion of laying the foundation stone for the project, which was attended by the governor of Basra and a number of officials in the province: The project is a complete city to provide logistics services for business in the province of Basra, in addition to distinguish the location adjacent to the ports of Umm Qasr and Khor al-Zubair.
said Badran to: the Basra Investment Commission has made ​​an effort great for attracting a lot of projects in the same sector as the real nucleus of the development will provide many great job opportunities for the people of the province, and the last of those calls is the presence in the Tokyo Conference final, where we put the call is serious for the arrival of Japanese companies to Basra and investment of our land is available for industrial projects, major and on the forefront of participation in the construction of a port of Faw.
He continued that the orientations of the Commission is pushing for the establishment of an industrial city business near the ports, especially that there is a race by foreign and domestic companies to invest in areas near the port of Umm Qasr and Khawr Abd Allah because of their strategic location effective economic, explained that the process of granting permits investment for a number of projects that have been studied and meet the requirements of sectoral is the most prominent is the industrial project for the company Phoenix Danish production and pipe coating and the amount of investment is 85 million dollars and the project company Erbil steel contribution of Turkey to establish a plant for iron and steel in Basra area of land estimated to be 300 acres and cost $ 150 million, and a package of other projects
and on the details of the project between Badran said: got an investment license No. (19) Group of Companies Kaufmann and with a capital investment of $ 245 million and will be held on an area of 1200 dunums and the duration of investment pray to 40 years old and on the ground at Camp Bucca previously.
also available on the land of the project site is part of the infrastructure project provides services for storage, shipping and light manufacturing.
and includes (1) building an entertainment complex (2), storage yards and (3) spaces of entertainment and (4 ) parking spaces for trucks and (5) fire station and (6) housing for workers and (7) helipad and (8) area of water treatment and (9) wastewater and (10) the maintenance of vehicles and (11) clinics and (12 ) key areas, and (13) Restaurant and (14) Theatre provider screens large and (15) fuel stations and (16) stations and storage and (17) head office to manage the project.
services include logistics in the process of managing the flow of goods from points of supply or source to another point of consumption through facilities-based and means of transport and communication and the possibilities of multiple technology and software for the purpose of obtaining the greatest value at the time and reduce the cost and direct relationship to various means of transport available.
and about the usefulness of the project, explained that: The project will give the intake of good to the province of Basra by the value of rent the land, adding that the initiation provides thousands of jobs to residents of the city of Basra and Umm Qasr, regions and neighboring towns through the project implementation period and also after the completion of the project and operation of different actors to the project, in addition to the project through the international standards used, will give the opportunity of training for staff Iraq in the stages of implementation and operation can be employed in projects receiving other in the region or in different parts of Iraq in general.
He stressed: that the presence of international companies and local task in the project will be a factor competitively very strong lead other companies to come to Basra and Umm Qasr, which leads to investment more and develop more of the region, stressing that the process of adding an important project to map the city of Basra will add informational value high for the city of Basra and Umm Qasr, which contributes to the composition factor of attraction is very important in the field of investment to bring local talent from outside Iraq to serve Iraq and the city of Basra.
and between: that the project great importance to the various levels of workers to the project in stages of implementation and operation to identify the competencies and local expertise, which feed the Iraqi cadres expertise required to complete projects of international standards in the future.
said Site Engineer Ahmad Fawzi: The draft city of Basra, logistics BBC plc is an investment project through which it provides services to companies investing within the site, indicating the following: that this project will be similar to a draft of Jebel Ali in the UAE is a city of integrated logistics.
said Fawzi: The total area of the project is 3 million square meters, equivalent to 1 200 acres and the project is two parts the first of which north and one south of Valjze South, which work will start the first phase of the project includes a warehouse and office buildings and the headquarters of the manufacturing industry.
said Fawzi to: that the northern part will include places for housing, offices, restaurants, hospital and integrated services and will start in the northern part after the completion of the southern part.
He explained: it is scheduled to be completed the first phase of the project within three years The second phase will end up working out after two years, namely that the project will take five years. / 20. Q. P /