Committee the economy: the financial crisis is a golden opportunity for the private sector in Iraq

Saturday 06-02-2016 | 12:35:31

Twilight News / described the economic and investment commission in Parliament on Saturday's financial crisis in the country as "a golden opportunity" to make way for the private sector in order to compete with the public sector, calling on the Iraqi investors to assemble domestic capital and engage in investment this crisis projects caused by the fall in prices oil on world markets.

The committee member said Jawad al-Bolani said in a statement reported by the Twilight News, said that "a favorable opportunity for the private sector to play an important and significant competitor role for the public sector through large investment projects and contribute to scientific research projects and take care of the local scientific innovations and work on, especially in the field of market economy implemented."

He noted that "Parliament passed a legislation package reduce obstacles to private sector, which has been constrained by several factors, including the weakness of government support and rely on the public sector and the lack of investment provisions during the previous budgets."