Khatib Juma Baghdad frowns frequent holidays and requiring the government to return the money diverted


Seif Khatib denounced the cream and to Fri Baghdad, Sheikh Salam al-Rubaie in his Friday sermon, adoption by the Parliament Iraqi law public holidays, saying that this decision will hurt the country and will inflict its economic damage and social and service disruption of the educational process and will increase corruption and prevail in ruin, asking the government to return all the money smuggled abroad, recovery and utilization of the country, including, registering concern and reservations on some of the statements made the conference which is being held to resolve the problem of Syria about the possibility of a mini-state to the Syrian president truncated, noting that the division of Syria beginning to divide Iraq and this is totally rejected. Said Sheikh Salam al-Rubaie, from the rostrum of Al-Rahman Mosque in the al-Mansur in Baghdad and the religious authority, Sheikh Mohammed al-Yacoubi, he said that "passed us over the past days some important events that we should stand up then and statement, including the Iraqi parliament approved the law of public holidays, which identified the holidays to 75 days added her holidays non-emergency and animation official that has become a reality, "pension" Atadh sons of Iraqi society free the days of extreme cold, floods, rain and many others, which means that the days of disruption would reach nearly 100 days or more per year, or nearly one-third of the year. " Rubaie said, "Have you ever thought of putting this law Palmsawi that will inflict this country and will suffer from damage and the loss of large so that the 7-day cost the loss of 30 million, as well as damage to the ordinary citizen because of the delay, where will finish his personal interests, and is thought also what is the size of wastage in the education system so that will not be able professor or teacher to complete its curriculum prepared for this year. " He continued, "Is it fair to Iraq is at the forefront of the stalled countries and these dilatory days that would paralyze the movement it is only a blatant defiance of rationality and national because it will make matters worse as crossing Vsyazdad corruption is widespread devastation, does Iraq has become prey to them and willing, was taken to his family's share of it." . Among al-Rubaie, "There is no doubt that the world is celebrating its peoples, religious and national Bmnaspadtha a good and joyful order, but the increase in the number of days of disruption and without compensating could lead to a deficit in the fulfillment of state obligations to the citizen according to the economists say, especially since the Iraqi economy is still suffering from lag because of the security conditions and the crises that beset the country. " Regarding the money diverted to outside Iraq, al-Rubaie said "the time at which commend the request of the deputy in the Iraqi parliament demanded it by the Federal Police filed a lawsuit to recover 80 billion dinars smuggled out of Iraq through political parties, companies, we call upon the Iraqi government and strongly review all the money smuggled abroad for the benefit of the country and recovered them again rather than take advantage of them and some countries that do not want good for Iraq. " The lame-Rubaie on the events in Syria, "we heard the conference, which is held to solve the problem of Syria, we the time at which support such a initiative let peace and resolving crises, but we record our concern and our reservations on some of the statements made about the possibility of a mini-state to the Syrian president truncated according to a statement by the Foreign Minister of one of the major countries this means inviting explicit and clear to disrupt the unity of the country where he will then be divided into three parts part of the secular and the other for the Kurds and part of Bashar and his followers. " Rubaie stressed that "such a step for the division will not stop at the borders of this country, of course, but beyond to other countries and Iraq will be in grave danger if this scheme passed to the division and Scott region about this statements and the like means acknowledging and recognizing this serious project, either with respect to a call some Iraqi parties calling for the division of stress that could survive all of deliverance is the unity of Iraq and united Iraq is to ensure the rights. " He said al-Rubaie, "the religious authority, has warned the Grand Ayatollah Sheik Mohammed al-Yacoubi Since the early consequences of the division of Iraq into regions promise part of the diabolical projects prepared for the area and make a solution for that in granting broad powers on towards decentralized management to the provinces to plan for itself projects that local governments are estimated priority and the need for it because they know it and our people to adhere to the national spirit that bind people of one nation and avoid intolerance in all its trends and refuse projects division and fragmentation and weak warring statelets. "