Balance-news published details of the extortion and bribes car tax application

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The KIA llkmark publish static patrols at entrances to Baghdad and other provinces to ensure the application of customs tariffs for cars from the border.

According to the complaint to the President of the National Business Council and got balance-news/copy " In view of the decision of the Council of Ministers to apply the customs tariff at the border crossings leading to southern ports stops especially ports for twenty days and so far it has KIA llkmark publish static patrols at entrances to Baghdad and other provinces to ensure the application of customs tariffs for cars from the border".

The complaint included " Today all ports down to protest the application of the tariff by the difficult economic conditions and the loss of liquidity from the market and the decline in the domestic market and the weak capacity of citizens to higher prices and tariffs are not applied in Kurdistan But there are customs duty-free goods including foodstuffs ".

She noted that "these goods border continuing to being either exempt or food But these checkpoints erected by the entrances to Baghdad walmhavdat playthings has become an importer these checkpoints and customs investigations is to convert most vehicles to invite kmerkih to mark the central region although these cars have kmerkih permits issued from border crossings from indicating origin exemption after the transfer of those goods exempt to customs in the area forced the cobblestone circle his goods with a new version of his kmerkih despite having altsarihah from the port border. "

It dealt with today s issuance of altsarihah new limits of $ 2,000 paid bribes to employees that they are issuing altsarihah and haswa to exiting customs car of alcomerk you pay This is the door to a new corruption and as a result these checkpoints to convert most vehicles to cobblestone to bribe customs employees and benefit from the status quo which led to the accumulation of car Plaza and cobblestone slow customs procedures auto output due to imposed his version. "

And it says that "وباسوء probability and should partake of these patrols, checkpoints, altsarihah match at city entrances and staff understand the customs paperwork and not police and if there is any doubt, they convert the vehicle carrying the goods to the Customs Central region should check altsarihah from the border port with cargo loaded on the car if the matching vehicle released the cargo loaded immediately If non-conforming take actions but all issuing his coverage again for the purpose of extortion and corruption this is unacceptable please take swift action to stop this farce. "

She stated that, "for example, is paying a bribe to an officer inspecting the goods at $ 500 on each car and officer such as incoming and outgoing officer pushes him 25000 dinar note that building rickety and not harmonize with the crew size size auto reserved and all employees take the bribery and extortion in the process became the central note webkmark checkpoints to convert vehicles from the central process checkpoints mood free from any controls this process forayed into the expansion."

A government source revealed, in time past for the introduction of taxes and customs tariffs on automobiles, stressing that car prices will rise by 20%. Ended 29/d 24