Citizens in front of the low financial returns and higher market prices

2016-02-05 02:00:27 | (Voice of Iraq) - Citizens in front of the low financial returns and higher market prices

Baghdad Rula confident

Says Murtaza Mustafa (the owner of a women's clothing store): «The travel and see the fashion by the citizens to make them do not accept the domestic industry« if any », or even resort to the idea of ​​buying fabrics and sewing, making trade clothing from abroad in great demand provides a business opportunity for us as bearers of shops and meet the needs of the people. » He adds Mustafa: «large class of citizens are not employees in government departments, and rely on free business, including myself, and we in Iraq are suffering from the lack of employment opportunities, and the economic crisis has affected our work dramatically, as it fears the people of the purchase, and that's not what Oanih alone the adherents to the taxi and restaurant owners, clothing, hair salons and others suffering the same thing, and we're the first of many crises living our families and rents for shops and the heads of our money that Holnaha to the goods piled up in the shops »financial .ozmat

Believes Fouad Qassem (contractor): «The fluctuations in Iraq has contributed significantly to the economic crisis afflicting the country, my work is stalled for more than a month, until the time that preceded my work is wobbling, it canceled a large number of people's private construction projects in their homes for fear of the situation economic and what is said about the stop payment of salaries over the next few months. »
Shows Engineer peace Ismail: «The Iraqi citizen has suffered in the past from deprivation and not being able to buy a lot of things as a result of the lack of salaries and conditions of harsh living, down to the stage provides everything you desire with the increase in their salaries, so they started to satisfying their desires, what contributed to the increasing demand for them, accompanied by the greed of traders who took advantage of opportunities to increase prices. »
Confirms Nidal Ahmed: «During this economic crisis, coupled with cuts in staff salaries and rumors of other deductions during the next phase the majority suffer from the problem of the payment of premiums for the purchase of goods in installments or pay for the predecessor whether they were personal or state, there must be some citizens who Solutions accustomed to a certain standard of living resulted in a lot of change it is difficult to reduce it ».
And confirms the economic researcher Dr. Hilal Taan: «we are suffering from a real problem in Iraq, we charge the salaries and the categories of large and called in economics (money illusion) (monetary illusion) Any substantial monetary units matched by purchasing power is weak due to the inflation that exists in the local markets».
Shows Taan: «The reduction of price rise is of the duties of the Central Bank of Iraq, which the responsibility is not easy and can not put an end to price between overnight, but it needs to devices and time to be able to control the levels of prices, noting that most of the goods in Iraq imported, Iraq is suffering from three forms of inflation, there is the cost of inflation and inflation demand and import inflation, which in turn affects the price rise in Iraq ».

Oil prices

Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister Dr. appearance of Mohammed Saleh says: «In fact even now market prices are not high, there are the so-called annual rate of inflation measured by the month, which so far is about 2 percent», stressing that this ratio is low, the fact that the central bank does not still maintains the stability of the exchange rate, despite the fact that some of the consumer goods available in the market which is affecting the lives of citizens and interest them imported », warning:« when the goods are imported and the exchange rate stable and prices stable, meaning no inflation ».
He adds Saleh: «The country suffers from significant unemployment estimates with 28 percent among young people if the ratio were not greater than that», adding that «a large part of which was caused by the war against terrorism, it is known that several provinces are unstable and employment opportunities which are not available, what added momentum in the ranks of the unemployed, and can not lose sight of that oil income and expenditure of the budget was a big working to activate the economic movement here and there to a large extent, all of these fell due to lower oil prices, despite the fact that growth as a result of the improvement in the growth of the oil exporting and producing improved, as the SOC unit issued in the 3.3 million barrels a day other than the budget of the Kurdistan issued 550 thousand barrels, meaning that Iraqi exports as a whole north and south, according to my estimates up to 3.8 million barrels per day, and this is higher than the number selected in the 2016 budget, which was is due to release its 3.6 million barrels, stressing that the real problem lies in the deterioration of oil prices is not in the amount of oil exported ».
Confirms favor: «the living of Iraqi families model completely changed after the year 2003, the simplest houses of the middle class and below have different types of different phones and television advanced, as well as a lot of the modern necessities of life, despite the limited income, and therefore compensated the production of a national 100 percent is very difficult, and this does not mean that we do not take advantage of the competitive advantage in our national production and they are many. first, ensure the operation of all energies and forces capable of operating from the unemployed, this is what you do all the competent people that are dependent on the economy in the production of their products and cherished, and that the slogan (made in Iraq) is inherited and the date and source of pride for Iraq at the present time, there is the awareness of the Iraqi product and appreciation of the Iraqi producer of industrial and agricultural, the identity of Iraq is not only oil but a growing industry and a character ».
Annual indicators

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi said: «in relation to indicators of inflation has not increased significantly over the past year in 2015 despite the decline in oil prices, inflation is usually reflects the presence of cluster of large cash in circulation and therefore prices are rising and causing inflation, the cash offer is rolling has not seen an increase in rates and the value of the dinar has not increased, although he has seen a slight decline against the US dollar, and thus kept inflation indicators on the rates in the past year did not exceed 2 percent, which is very normal ratio when compared other rates more stable than Iraq, and also when compared to indicators 2006 2008 years ago, it reached 35 percent, saying that because of the monetary policy of the Central Bank of Iraq and fiscal policy the state has been able to maintain the value of the national currency.
He continues Hindawi: «The purchasing power of the Iraqi citizen is affected one way or another as a result of the economic crisis experienced by Iraq,» he said, adding that oil prices fell by 60 percent and thus negatively impacted in investment projects in the unemployment indicators, the individual who does not work decreased purchasing power, but In total average income per capita of GDP as in the past year, including nearly the 7 million Iraqi dinars, including services provided by the government to the citizen that. »

Revive the economy

He says Mohammed Jassim (owner of a fruit and vegetable store): «it is necessary to rely on local agricultural products and stay away from imported products to revive the Iraqi economy, in order to avoid out of Iraqi funds out of the country in the goods can we provide hands that Iraqi», stressing that it only needs to support the Iraqi government for farmers and the provision of quality seeds, water and pesticides needed, and facilitating the transfer of products. »
And refers Ismail: «we must all concerned to stand on the economic crisis and to intervene in determining the products and goods in market prices, especially of basic materials, which have the prejudice to the lives of citizens, including food, medicine and censorship, as well as accounting manipulators in prices to ensure the livelihoods of poor and middle classes who find it difficult to provide the most basic living requirements as a result of deteriorating economic conditions experienced by the country. »
Confirms Ismail «need to determine the Customs on goods entering the country and the development of specific studies by specialists from the actual need for imported goods and to allow traders to import according to these specific amount in advance to ensure that the dumping of imported goods and out of Iraqi funds abroad and the neglect of the national product, which contributes to the recovery of our economy and provide employment of labor. »
He adds denominator: «There is no alternative employment to provide a living for my family to be found to the crisis that the economic life destroyed for many citizens real solutions, the first of which improve the security aspect, which will ensure prices fall and contributes to the smooth flow of economic activity and job creation».
Sees Mustafa: «The solution lies in the distribution of sources of income for the country, reliance on oil made at the mercy of the importer, God, we and praise in our land, industry and crafts and religious tourism and other sources of income that can solve our problems are available».
And refers Taan: «is supposed to be the state economic security apparatus to impose its control over the levels of prices in the markets so that the reduction, either the reduction of salaries, accompanied by a lack of control over the high prices in the markets is another problem added to the problems of the economy in Iraq».
Turning favor to impose customs tariffs by the state as part of the solution to the economic crisis as a result of lower oil prices, saying: «must fence Alkmarki tariff one works and on this basis the Iraqi state to find additional inspection points beyond Fallujah re-examine goods entering another state working with this approach to create a fence interior of custom to investigate the customs tariff and the amount and validity of goods entering, it is known that Kmarkina dispersant unsatisfactory them and on this basis there is a policy Kmarkip a new examination of the goods and the quality, relevance and determine whether the goods Kmarkha paid or smuggled through administrative corruption , so it will be determined by an inspection network and hope to be better placed than the former. »
He continued: «suffer from laziness as a result of our dependence on absolute oil revenues, and we are today we adopt the philosophy of the government by saying the Prime Minister Dr. Haidar al-Abbadi« distress create a renaissance of self-reliance », especially the market and the launch of market events is who has the financial resources and the factor of production, and he could advancement sponsored State takes its rightful role production
the National".