Allkash: pay first of Almtnaman on chairs crowd salaries

National Alliance MP Mohammed Allkash, said that the priority of payment of salaries must be popular for the crowd and not for Mtnaman on chairs.
He Allkash, in a statement received by all of Iraq [where], a copy of it, "as we speak here and meet and enjoy safe, secure, there are heroes in the fronts resist the cold, and bar Daashah waves terrorist fronts blather, Saqlawiya and Hamrin and Makhoul and bleed blood in defense of our land and our holy places and political our operation , they mobilized popular and our armed forces brave, however that most of these sweethearts are descended from families of limited income and living lack of money, but they threw in the hands of the business and took up arms in response to the call of the upper reference, leaving money and his children and Tosdoa berms repel Aldoaash attacks. "
He added that "the popular crowd there have not received their salaries for months, but they did not complain about it or complain as long as the goal is to cleanse the land of Iraq usurped, hence we demand our government to commit itself to giving them the attention they deserve, and make them a priority."
He called on the government to "hand them [the crowd] monthly salaries by the officials and the owners of salaries of special grades and we are among them members of parliament," stressing that "the priority of payment of salaries must be for them and not for Mtnaman on the chairs."
It is noteworthy that, factions in the popular crowd did not receive their salaries for three months, according to deputies, demanding the government and the popular crowd regardless salaries Almtokhrh.