Friend: oil and gas law Siqsam afternoon differences between Baghdad and Erbil

02.04.2016 at 11:23 (Baghdad time)

Special - scales News
Said the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary member Tariq friend that approval of oil and gas law Siqsam afternoon differences between Baghdad and Erbil, referring to the need for approval through the new legislative term.

He called the National Alliance earlier, the government to complete the project of oil and gas law and send it to the House of Representatives for approval, in a step towards resolving the economic crisis.

The committee member said Tariq friend's / balances News /, that "the federal government withdrew before more than 115 period a draft bill from the parliament for reconsideration based on the reforms and the measures to which they belong, including the draft oil and gas law, as we are still waiting to be incorporated into the agenda acts of the House of Representatives. "

The friend added, "This law will solve the existing problems between Baghdad and Erbil because he hurt the interests of both parties in terms of commitment to the rights of all of them."

He pointed out that "we also need a national oil company law and rounds licenses and a lot of things to facilitate oil and energy issues, as the beneficial licensing rounds for people in financial terms, but there are some things that need to be adjusted by the Iraqi legislature on some of the conditions in these tours with companies foreign and domestic, since it after more than 20 years will change the oil and the needs of Iraq and the global market prices, so it should reconsider its order to fit with the current conditions and the great burden on the government. "

He explained, "we we have established a seminar two weeks in the oil ministry before to discuss this subject, and suggested some members of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary mechanism to prepare a draft law of the national oil company, but it should be enactment of the oil and gas law first and then other corporate legislation of laws."

And concealed the previous sessions of the House of Representatives in approving the oil and gas law as a result of the growing differences on many of the main paragraphs.