Customs tariff riled the government and traders Basra and recession affects borders
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Thread: Customs tariff riled the government and traders Basra and recession affects borders

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    Customs tariff riled the government and traders Basra and recession affects borders

    Customs tariff riled the government and traders Basra and recession affects border crossings


    (Independent) / Nariman al-Maliki / .. head of the Basra Governorate Council warned immigration conservative traders and the southern region to Kurdistan in the event of continuing the application of the customs tariff law, which has been the work done, with the General Company for Ports confirmed that commercial ports stagnated and paralysis due to the application of this law .

    Albzona morning, he told The Independent that "the Iraqi government's wandering in the implementation of such a law and such particular time, especially it's been incorporated into the budget bill for 2016"

    He noted that "the law limit the period did not apply in the Kurdistan region, which will lead to the migration of traders from province to province in the event of failure to apply there," .daia to "apply the law to all Iraqi border crossings, including the Kurdistan region in order to ensure non-migration of traders and stopped ports commercial. "

    He was surprised Albzona of statements by some MPs about the rejection of the application of the law by saying, "Why enact So this law and approve the budget of 2016, which indicated in one of its paragraphs to apply the law of customs tariff with fears of lack of application in the Kurdistan region or taking assurance of them to be applied."

    He noted that the "law of customs tariff covers only the southern region ports, especially Basra, Maysan, Kut," adding that "the western border crossing points are under the control of the organization Daash and either Almnavmachammalah they are within the influence of the Kurdistan region and therefore will not be applied only to the southern ports with the flag of the Federal Government and Parliament in this matter. "

    Among Albzona that "consumers are accustomed turnout on goods industries overseas due to cheap price and quality, and the product of Iraq it is still not supported by a government which does not cover even a fraction of the size of the domestic consumption of goods in addition to that we are going to lose a huge amount of Iraqi traders who count on them in the revitalization of commercial and industrial movement of the country ".

    The province of Basra nerve Iraq's economy, has five commercial ports, is the stronghold, or the Northern Palace, or the Southern Palace, Khor Al-Zubair, Abu Flus, also features an international airport receives daily aircraft to transport passengers and goods, and to maintain implementers border crossings onshore, two Shalamcheh port with Iran, port Safwan with Kuwait.

    Meanwhile, a head of the border crossing points Murtaza cream lipodeca's (Independent) that "the central government, local governments, embarrassed in front of their citizens apply the customs tariff law which came into force a few days ago at all land and sea border crossing points located in the province."

    He noted that "the law has led to the decline of fiscal revenues to zero level, if you become almost stopped working as a result of the reluctance of traders to import goods from which."

    Among lipodeca that "a lot of traders and importers of the sons of the southern provinces went to the Kurdistan region to introduce their goods through border outlets because the tariff law to Aitbak are currently"

    He expressed surprise that "a penalty traders Basra to abandon their city because of the arbitrariness in the law of customs tariff items." (As he put it)

    He lipodeca that "the provincial council took an earlier decision No. 74 requires not to apply the law of customs tariff in conservative outlets as the Kurdistan region did not abide by its application in the border outlets as a right bastard to the people of Basra," noting that "the central government is unable to be applied in Kurdistan," describing it "State of Kurdistan."

    He explained that "Basra province suffering from a humanitarian and economic crises, especially that the preparation of the martyrs which has become a major figure and therefore, the thousands of orphans and widows who have no income or a limited application of the law and that the food would cause a humanitarian catastrophe in the province."

    He said that "national industries need raw materials from abroad and those materials will be applied arbitrarily Kmarkip tariff which will increase the national product prices."

    For their part Dozens of traders and importers of goods in the southern ports in front of the Basra provincial council building, demanding to stop the labor law of the new customs tariff applied in Basra outlets it has not been implemented in the region or in the Maysan province.

    Several demonstrators said that the work of border crossings in the Iraqi ports and executors of Safwan and Shalamcheh experiencing full paralysis and stopped work in a significant reduction in financial revenue to those ports.

    A number of Mnfd Safwan that the port is currently experiencing congestion of goods perishable or damage as the port has seen previously when it was a number of cars to a large fire was compensated traders at the time dealers.

    While a number of Shalamcheh the port dealers port as well as the witness stopped working and a remarkable increase prices of fruits and vegetables that affect the lives of citizens, Mbacrh.obin that rendered the law applied since the nineteenth of last month, he said led to damage to the lives of citizens and workers in those outlets.

    For his part, director of media relations at the General Company for Ports Tigers Abdel Moneim net's (Independent) that "commercial ports stagnated due to the application of customs tariff law,"

    Explaining that "ships stationed in the waiting area located within the territorial waters of Iraq began refusing to go to the port to unload their cargo, and the imported goods took piling up at ports because traders fail to accomplish out transactions under the new law of customs tariff, and ponder that the government back down on the application of the law." .

    Safi said that "the Ministry of Transport on a fully informed of negative developments in the reality of the ports due to the increase of customs tariffs," adding that "the General Company ports will be hurt economically strongly from the current position if he continued."

    Both state that the Ministry of Finance has decided to early November 2015 to start applying the law of customs tariff and increase the sales tax on imported through all the border crossings of goods, leading in time to the injury of border crossings in Basra complete paralysis pay the provincial council to make a decision to slow down in the application of the law.

    Then Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi issued a similar decision, but that the general budget law for the current year 2016 included material provides for the application of customs tariff law and increase the sales tax at all border crossing points, including that fall within the province of Kurdistan, which threatens the emergence of a new dispute between the local government in Basra, which refuses to apply the law, and the federal government, which insists on its application driven by additional revenues alleviate the financial crisis.

    Article 2, first and provides power to the Council of Ministers at the request of the Federal Minister of Finance modify the graphic Alkmarki set forth in the table of tariff of customs duties and agricultural calendar attached to this law in cases of emergency economic and monetary of the need to call for protection measures or reciprocity.

    In paragraph II refers to the same article, a levy of custom on imported goods not included in the tariff of customs fee schedule rate of not more than 20% of its value and the Council of Ministers on the recommendation of the Federal Minister of Finance adjusted the figure for the same reasons mentioned in item -oola-.
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