Sudanese and Jones discuss strengthening trade cooperation between Washington and Baghdad

economic Dated: February 4, 2016
BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq's Minister of Trade and agency Mohamed Xiaa Sudan with US Ambassador to Iraq, Stuart Jones, opening prospects for trade cooperation between the two countries and resolve the issues between the ministry's companies and the Sudanese Alammerakih.ocd during the meeting that "the ministry is keen on cooperation with the US side in particular the economic and trade fields, indicating that there are contracts with US companies for the processing of the ministry vocabulary ration card, particularly the subjects of rice and wheat. ", according to a statement his office today, and pointed out that" the ministry has conducted a review of the work of the previous stage in which suspicions of corruption and many notes were found to have worked on overcome through the development of a strategy for contracts and for processing by the food companies plan with the adoption of transparent mechanisms of action and clear adopt standards of justice and contracting with international companies sober "Sudanese .ofatt that" one of the US companies have previous dealings mostly successful except in the case will be reviewed for the purpose solved, and that the ministry eager to resolve this file within its powers and will be presented to the Committee on economic Affairs in the Council of Ministers in order to reach a final formula. "He explained that" the contracts signed by the ministry with foreign companies fitted to the ration card items include specific points between the two sides, according to guidelines and instructions, stressing that the ministry is keen on cooperation with foreign trade contracts with respect to companies, but that does not prevent the ministry from the search for other alternatives in the contracts that are commensurate with the public interest and in the light of the economic situation the country is going through.