Economist: can not rely on the local industrial sector to poor infrastructure and lack of control

Confirmed economic expert, he said that "Iraq could not rely on national products because it does not have a real supervisory system, or the infrastructure they qualify for it."
And David said Zayer, told all of Iraq [where], "Iraq possesses no infrastructure being able to rely on local industries."
He added, "The power and the mass of regular transport, as well as an abundance of raw materials supply, all of which represent an infrastructure allowing the national industry starting in the domestic market and to cover the actual need for which they qualify for dispensing import, in addition to loss of system regulates the import."
Zayer said, that "the government subdue the producers and manufacturers to global production specifications, and subjecting its products to pursue standardization and quality control."
He continued, "As the government controls the specification in accordance with international foundations, which are the least of Ozone situation," noting that "oversight services quality not carry out its tasks and that the most important control and health, environment, standardization and quality control and all associated with the development of these sectors," .