Kicks off Conference and Exhibition Basra sixth oil and laurel

20:00 4/2/2016
Confirmed the Ministry of Commerce for kicks Basra International Fair, the sixth oil and gas with the broad participation and active than 105 global and regional competent giant in the oil and gas drilling and exploration of modern oil and techniques Among the 22 countries, including Egypt, UAE, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Austria, Turkey, the Netherlands, China and the US, Iran, Georgia and Armenia, as well as local companies.

The governor of Basra, in the opening speech that the establishment of these exhibitions in the province of Basra represents a new move to attract foreign companies in which to invest being has a lot of disk promising in the oil and exploration and development of natural gas, ports fields and railways Basra line and FAO to Europe and the airport of Basra fields of adding other projects.

He called those giant in creating real partnerships and understandings in those promising investment opportunities for those investments with the Iraqi sectors companies.

As he emphasized the head of the oil and gas that this exhibition will feature many of the most promising investment opportunities in the province of Basra in the oil and gas fields being one of the most important economic pillars of Iraq and our duty to find alternatives to lift the economic reality through the promotion and marketing of all develop Iraq's economic capital.

And the director general of the Iraqi opposition, Engineer Jassim al-Amiri, who attended the opening ceremony that the exhibition is an opportunity to increase the movement of economic activity and the wheel support development in Iraq through the entry of international companies in the field of investment where it will show is the Golden Gate, which opens its arms to welcome companies and the conference will host senior personalities to discuss the latest technology and the most prominent achievements in global companies in the field of oil and gas, which provides the opportunity to enter into the world in the city of Basra.

The head of the Governing Council of the Organization of the exhibition company Beramides Mohammad Sharifi said this session is one of the toughest courses that preceded it in terms of volume of posts because of the security situation in Iraq and the fear of many international companies to participate in addition to the descent of world oil prices.

He pointed out that the exhibition witnessed the contracts and partnerships between the Iraqi oil sector and between global and regional companies participating in the exhibition, saying it would hold a conference on the sidelines of the exhibition opportunities and challenges in coordination with the local government in Basra to put up projects and investment opportunities in the province of Basra.