Interior arrest five officers and staff for issuing permits illegal market

Date: 02/04/2016 12:34 | Visits: 117

Information / BAGHDAD / ..

The Interior Ministry announced on Thursday that the ministry's inspectorate arrested five officers and employees on charges of illegal market holidays.

The ministry said in a statement received by the agency / information / copy of it, that "the detachment of inspection Baghdad Directorate of the Office of the Inspector General of the Interior Ministry arrested the two officers, a colonel and presenter Mnsopen Directorate General Traffic, and three employees working in over the Tigris company red-handed offense issuing licenses market outside legal controls. "

She added that it "has arrested the process of implementation of the decision of the investigating judge of Rusafa and carried out by a private detachment among detachments and commissions formed by the Office of the Inspector General to follow up the progress of work in the departments of the Ministry of the Interior of those circuits that have a direct contact with the citizens, especially when he spoke of some cases of corruption by the weak people, where detachments seized the Office of the Inspector General in flagrante delicto three employees working in the company over the Tigris and the two officers, a colonel and Mnsopen submitted to the General Directorate of traffic and they are issuing passports market without the presence of the original owners and without examination or test plan. "

She ministry "irregularities that occurred were arrested the defendants on my Kadhimiya passage Rustumiya," adding, "it was shut down by order of the accused investigating judge in accordance with the Resolution 160 of 1983, for interrogation." Finished / 25 s