Hamdiya dry: "TBI" will give a new industrial loans this year and profits exceeded 500 billion last year

2016/02/03 12:17 Number of Views: 55

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad:

Director of the Commercial Bank of Iraq "TBI" Hamdiya dry, on Wednesday, announced that the Bank has achieved large profits during 2015 exceeded 500 billion dinars, while suggesting that it will present an initiative to grant new industrial loans for the promotion of the industrial reality of the country.

She said Dry in an interview for "tomorrow Press", "the commercial Bank of TBI achieved during the 2015 profit of 544 billion Iraqi dinars, despite the financial hardship faced by the country." she added that "the Iraqi commercial Bank is the only one that achieves high profits, and his work audited major international audit firms, in addition to that he has anti-money laundering department comparable to what remains of the global banks. " She stressed dry, that" TBI will present liken initiative initiative of the central bank to the private sector, is to grant loans for industrialists and those who wish to return production lines to local industries in order to become Iraq self-sufficiency that the country has become a market for goods imported foreign lousy