Oil agreement ... got what we expected

Morning Khurshid

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Two years ago, I wrote an article, which dealt with the oil agreement between the province and the federal government, I said at the time that the Government of the Territory fell in the trap of the historic alliance with the Supreme Council, and historical relationship with the leadership of the Adel Abdul-Mahdi, reminded us that Nechirvan Barzani and Deputy Qubad Talabani, can not to negotiate with the political and economic character like Adel Abdul-Mahdi, his experience and history.

Also I said that we had Ntrahm Maliki, when the results of this agreement shows, some of the brothers from the media, friends, objected and discussed what I mentioned, including from counting on the historical relationship and another on the acumen and intelligence of the territorial Government, and its allies, internal and external, and that al-Maliki still in dire straits man is no different from Saddam , has a ready to run a war against the region, to repeat the tragedies of repeated Alanda.

Today, home to the region and economic security of the tragedy, said some objectors, Connie my expectations built on what I mentioned above, in addition to the stresses and hardening of the President of the Kurdistan region, who think the mentality of the mountain, which is good policy, today where we live the tragedy that one causes the main oil agreement, when we receive a full percentage from the center, despite the fanfare letters of al-Maliki and members of his bloc, to the lack of a legal rule can be based on the pressure in the region.

The powers of Kurdish united behind the Government of the Territory in its demands, came to us Mahdi, under the pretext of reset crises between the province and the center, to put the base, can not be for the region repudiated, then the Bthbytha through Parliament, to vote on the members of the Kurdistan Alliance, to commit themselves to defend her, so it was oil agreement is another reason for the differences plaguing today between the political forces of the region, which even threaten its existence, as well as

Depriving his staff months four ago of salaries, Barzani waved paper separation, she has not heard from the center response, because this paper has become burnt out in the eyes of the center, which revealed what they are, even Massoud was forced to send a delegation of the Federal Government, which has become the most powerful, yet that is the Mahdi agreement Scales, the fact that the Mahdi hid in negotiating and Adricknaha, without being heard or wakes one of Kurdistan's political elites.

Politics is not letters, not her heart, so count on the historical relationship, or friendship naivety, yes it is your ally and friend, but remains first of these relations interests, so al-Maliki was a politician is better for us, despite Djadjath, style crises which pursued in his relationship with us, on the otherwise commander Abdul Mahdi, who managed us, and put us in a corner of which we can not salvation.

It remained on the Government of the Territory to surrender to the truth, and pulls its authority over wells in the region's oil for the benefit of the center, and recognizes the oil pipeline to the Federal Government, to receive its share of the center, to save more than a million families threatened by hunger, because of the region salaries cut, in addition to the salaries of the Peshmerga that impact and increase its impact With every new day, on the morale and performance of the fighters, which seriously threatens the region, which stands for "Daash" on its borders, we hope that the region's leaders give in to this fact, before it is too late.