Mishan defies Parliament and bring his accusations of corruption to the leaders of Iraq


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Iraqi parliament decided to investigate a member of MP Mishan al-Jubouri, the accusations addressed to all members of the government and parliament of corruption and received the same bribe millions of dollars ..

The House of Representatives listed charges Jubouri Iraqi politicians Association that they are corrupt on the agenda of discussions agenda for the session tomorrow Alkhnes. The Board is heading the investigation into al-Jubouri and with the formation of a committee in the discipline of accusations that her leg with the possibility of lifting the immunity of dementia. The discussion of the accusations decision following a request by the National Alliance, the Shiite who had a number of its leaders have rejected the accusations, demanding the lifting of the bar with him in preparation for interrogation.

The leader of the Badr Organization, a faction of the Shiite alliance Qassim al-Araji that his bloc will raise the complaint in the court of publishing against al-Jubouri accused of all political bribery, in an interview with one of the Iraqi channels this weekend. He said he was better MP Jubouri to diagnose who those involved with corruption instead of circulating the charge because he knew them from others.

The al-Jubouri, a response to al-Araji, hanging in his page on the social networking (Facebook) that he was on al-Araji be contacted by supporting him in his campaign to expose corruption and corrupt and hold them accountable, rather than submit a request to parliament to lift his immunity. He added, announced in front of the Iraqi people for my willingness to give up the parliamentary Hsanta and habeas corpus and the Integrity Commission immediately if coincided parliamentary blocs to adopt a resolution in Parliament to lift the partial immunity for MPs and ministers to enable the judiciary to open all files of corruption and investigation of named in the investigation Whatever Ola would and old address.

The al-Jubouri, was accused in an exciting and unprecedented remarks a few days ago all the political class personnel in Iraq of corruption and said: Each of us has his role in this corruption .. and whether he had taken a bribe of such said: Yes, and God and my honor I took a bribe several million dollars to close the file corruption but I took the bribe and did not file closed.

He stressed saying .. everyone is corrupt from Labs sensible to wearers of the turban to Mandarin any owner of Tuxedo .. He added: members of parliament and the government are all corrupt and non-corrupt cowardly talk about corruption or detect a shrug Aoho happy huge privileges obtained from armored cars and security guards and prestige that opens his doors all security barriers for the walk-through.

As if he thought the ruling political class in Iraq is currently the responsibility for the destruction of the country answered Jubouri: Yes, all the political class is the destruction of Iraq .. If there is hungry in the street and a child sleep without food and people die because of the lack of or inability to obtain medication reason is the political class in the protected Green Zone in central Baghdad and other political class that runs the provinces.

He said: We all have a responsibility .. We all take There is no bribe from Aaokhzha It is important to would say the opposite is a liar .. It reveals any corruption it would soon be killed. He said: I swear by Almighty God I have stories of corruption, if known by the Iraqis attacked the Green Zone and the burnt but I can not detect, because I will kill.

And Mishan al-Jubouri, an Iraqi politician Sunni controversial was a resident in Syria and then returned to Iraq has fled Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war (1980 -1988) and settled in Syria Ntam opposed to Saddam Hussein. The Independent Electoral Commission Bakd excluded him from running for the parliamentary elections of 2014, attributed to a "misreading of the Kurds," which is contrary to the system of election campaigning after his candidacy within the Arab coalition led by former Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq and has returned for the elections by a judicial decision last but did not get a parliamentary seat he solution to third place, but several months later, was able to get a seat in the House of Representatives because of the rise of MP Ahmed Abdullah al-Jubouri to government ministers, where a Mishan Jubouri right MPs in September 2014.