Eliminated: private banks began to pay her fines since last July 10 billion dinars per month

Author: TG
Editor: NS

2016/06/03 13:52

Misdemeanor Court integrity and money-laundering and economic crime in Baghdad Wednesday, the start of private banks to pay the outstanding fines and takhirih benefits to the Central Bank since last July 10 billion dinars per month, while stressing that these banks managed to pay 46 billion dinars.

Judge Radhi said in a statement received by Ley (term), a copy of it, "the Central Bank has already established a number of suits on the 28 private banks as a result of the occurrence of violations of law discovered by the Office of financial supervision", stating that "these banks paid 46 billion dinars and over paid and are part of the amounts claimed with delay benefits for previous years.

Fartusi said, that "the remaining outstanding fines and interest up to 191 billion and 155 million dinars," pointing out that "private banks have abided by the decision of the Central Bank repaid during a time roof ends in January next year."

He said fartusi, "payment received by instalments for a total of 10 billion dinars per month," adding that "the obligation to pay since last July.
He said judge delinquencies, "restore the amounts got straight-up by Chief Justice Medhat Al-Mahmoud, the federal judge, Federal Court of appeal of Rusafa.

He was Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, invited on Wednesday (September 23, 2015), the judges of integrity to strike hard and achieve justice and not let corrupt tax evasion, and stressed the need to face them because they are "more dangerous than cancer" and trying to purchase receivables, underlined the need to enact to help deter corruption and expedite the resolution of these issues.

The phenomenon of corruption is "the greatest challenge" facing Iraq, alongside security since 2003, particularly the levels reached by the specialized international organizations has led to the development of Iraq among the most corrupt countries in the world, as it led to successive protests, most recently those that swept most provinces since (31 July 2015), to demand the fight against rampant corruption and improve services.