Document. Kurdistan region meet 5% border ports of Basra and paralyzed full!!!!


got the network of Iraq law "on the official document, Wednesday, reveal that the Government of Kurdistan to meet customs duties on the territory's ports in accordance with the previous law. She explained the document dated 1 February, customs authorities met in Kurdistan for 5% of the value of imported goods. Manavist and the decision to apply the new customs tariff many objections among traders and importers in the southern provinces, many of whom confirmed the fees too high, many have suggested that the law will deliver palatable, if applied at all border crossings, including Kurdistan regional ports.

Many specialists considered that the purpose of the Finance Ministry's insistence on the application of the law on customs tariff, is the pressure on traders and importers to redirect their import from Basra ports to the ports of Kurdistan in order to maximize the financial resources of the territory, with a view to alleviating the financial crisis that struck the region due to the sharp decline in oil prices, most of the bands control daash roads linking the region with the rest of the provinces. Basra ports are experiencing land and maritime border entirely because of the reluctance of traders and importers of goods entry following the application of customs authorities of the customs tariff law, noted new some of them that they will divert their goods from Basra to Iraqi Kurdistan, if the Ministry of finance did not back down from the decision to apply the new customs tariff. It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Finance issued directives to all border customs duties fulfilled in accordance with the Customs Tariff Act, which stipulates that no less than the fees imposed on goods imported from 15% of the value of those goods, while the yen reached on some articles to 100% of the value, in accordance with tables prepared by the competent authorities in the Ministry of finance.