Jubouri has a "strong slap" in Washington

policy 02.03.2016

visit said a senior political source, on Wednesday, to cancel the meeting originally scheduled between American officials and Iraqi Parliament Speaker, attributing the cause lack of commitment to the last date scheduled for the meeting. The source said in an exclusive interview for "Iraq law", said the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in the US Senate, Senator, "Bob Crocker" and his deputy, "Ben Cardin", canceled a meeting was scheduled for two with Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, while attributing the cause to a lack of commitment the last to appear at the scheduled time of the meeting, pointed out that the US officials expressed their deep resentment of misconduct Jubouri, the lack of respect for his appointments. The source, who declined to be named, said al-Jubouri, struggling through his visit to the "unofficial" to curry favor with US officials with a view to give him the confidence to take up a senior position within the American project in Iraq for the next stage, as pointed out that the visit was without the knowledge and coordination of the Iraqi embassy in Washington , he pointed out that al-Jubouri, bad acting, became the subject of ridicule and disapproval US officials. Referred to as the leader of the Alliance of Iraqi forces Azim and Healing, Tuesday underlined 2016/2/2, said Saleem al-Jubouri's visit to Washington is a personal visit, not an official.