Wednesday 7 March 2012


Maliki is preparing to visit neighboring small ..
Iraqi endeavor to settle the outstanding issues not serious clashes with the Kuwaiti


After years of of age on the rift caused by the former regime between Iraq and Kuwait still endeavor Iraq for the settlement of relations with neighboring small collides not serious Kuwaitis while marking specialists need to unify the Iraqi position towards foreign issues, especially with the visit of the President of parliament, Osama Najafi to Kuwait with prepares Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to go to in the coming days. The MP for the coalition of state law and a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, Sami al-Askari to a recommendation of the Speaker of the House before the government files after going into the legislative task of the government as a class basis.

The military and in an interview to the newspaper "public opinion" Pass on the issue of detention of fishermen Iraqis from Kuwait within the territorial waters and the need to know the reasons of detention where they have transcended the Iraqi territorial waters or not, and expressed his displeasure of this case if not for the fishermen of any bad faith to overcome the Iraqi territorial waters, and called to demonstrate the reasons for them before making any judgment.

The Najafi, left last Sunday, heading for Baghdad to Kuwait on an official visit at the head of a parliamentary delegation of senior, to participate in the activities of the eighteenth meeting of the Conference of the Arab Parliamentary Union to be held in Kuwait with the participation of heads of parliaments of the 18 Arab countries. And will hopefully be followed by a visit to Kuwait Najafi visit to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki of Kuwait, which is scheduled to be mid-March, and Najafi's visit came in conjunction with the Kuwaiti authorities arrested 11 Iraqi fishermen before they release them after a day of detention.

For his part, MP for the Liberal parliamentary bloc and member of the Foreign Relations Committee, Rafi Abd al-Jabbar that the visit to Kuwait, Osama al involves being the head of the Iraqi Council of Representatives to participate in the Arab Parliamentary Conference which is held in Kuwait. MP for the Liberal bloc, in an interview to the newspaper "public opinion" between such participation and other enhance the status of Iraq between Arab countries, and did not rule out Abdul-Jabbar to "put the President of the House of Representatives during his visit to Kuwait initiatives that will bridge the gap in views between the two countries and to resolve all problems and crisis in the forefront of the port of Mubarak and the issue of debt and compensation, away from the legislative files that are the prerogative of the government. " And pointed a member of the Foreign Relations Committee that the visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to Kuwait reliable in terms of put all the outstanding issues between Iraq and Kuwait. Pointing out that Maliki's visit to Kuwait in focus to remove Iraq from Chapter VII, which link the resolution of the Kuwaiti-Iraqi issue. And added that Abdul-Jabbar to the Emir of Kuwait has a seriousness in resolving the outstanding issues between the latter and Iraq and has a positive role in this context and is aware of the importance of Iraq to the economy of Kuwait, showing wondered about the extent of acceptance of the Kuwaiti Parliament's new contribution in resolving the dilemmas between the last and Iraq in terms of support for the Kuwaiti government will stand or is it a stumbling block in the path of resolving crises between the two countries. "

For his part, MP for the Iraqi List, and a member of the Foreign Relations Committee staff Arshad that the participation of Chairman of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi at a conference of Arab parliamentarians includes Offering a multitude of files and discussed as well as discuss the many side issues between Iraq and Kuwait and many Arab countries.

MP for the Iraqi List, and in a statement to the newspaper, "public opinion", said: "Iraq is working in the current period as a class one and one and the same in terms of the executive and legislative sides in favor of strengthening relations with all nations." Arshad and stressed the need for the politicians in Iraq to represent the opinion of one business in order to improve Iraq on all levels, and linking Arshad how serious of States to respect Iraqi sovereignty, the unity of the class and the word inside Iraq. He expressed the hope that the visit of a key House of Representatives and the ministers in Kuwait to resolve all the pending crisis between the two countries.

So called MP for the mass of the Virtue Susan Saad Speaker Osama Najafi to the introduction of file replication Iraqi fishermen detained by the Kuwaiti authorities during his visit to Kuwait. "

Saad said a statement that the "resolution of file replication reservation Iraqi fishermen by the Kuwaiti authorities has become necessary and must be put an end to him."

The detention of Iraqi fishermen from the Kuwaiti side were repeated more than once has caused these cases to get a kind of tension in the relationship between the two countries called the interference head Kuwaiti government late last year for the release of Iraqi fishermen on the back of a letter addressed to the Iraqi prime minister to his Kuwaiti counterpart. "

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