Business houses
Author: Yasser incumbent

02/02/2016 0:00

This strange column bit address may seem but I explained that the usual practice on the naming of banks to «money houses» and study centers to «think tanks« The third represents the business and the private sector men in total and all operating under the names of organizations Awalemrakz relevant

Ceremony held on the occasion of the opening of The new headquarters of the National Business Council Iraqi official and a parliamentary presence and businessmen Mnazavin under the banner of the Council, the fact that turning the opening to the round table ceremony discussed objectively the financial crisis plaguing the country, this event unlike interesting business risks of the crisis men Vodloa Bdlohm proposals expressed their willingness to stand up to the crisis and challenges.

is no stranger to this focus as he is not a favor of one that stands general crisis but national duty responded beautiful for this nation of Qatar requires such a stand has to be touch actions later if at all pause calculated the Iraqi private sector he was interested and think of passing the

All Agreed that the current phase of Athtml blame on Mavat but need require to move forward to stop the fallout abhorrent crisis, and who listens to the potential available in the country in terms of human resources and material potential of the private sector and the successes achieved to feel safe on the future of the country, but let's

Projects proposed the need to support legislative here and moral there that would ease the economic situation, global examples close to the circumstances that befell the country traversed countries by the private sector efforts in partnership with governments, the experiences of all agriculture in Cuba and Industry in Singapore and others were present at the table discussions that can be prepared by the event most prominent in every celebration.

He told him Mafatt in the table to come to China to invest in Iraq and the detection of the strategic agreement with it and wait for the successful partner does the private sector would be worthy of this