Zebari .. "frozen" ministries

02/02/2016 14:24

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: recommended the parliamentary finance committee member Haitham al-Jubouri, Tuesday, February 2, 2016, commissioned by the Minister, "technocrats" for the management of the Ministry of Finance, saying that the enjoyment of the current minister, Hoshyar Zebari, leave at this sensitive time, "a big mistake," while He asserted his right to the last interrogation.

He told al-Jubouri, citing claims to isolate Zebari when he was foreign minister, after he proved miserably in bridging Iraq's relations with the countries of the world, and his quest to keep Iraq in the critical angle that put Saddam Hussein's regime which, while breaking with the regional and international parties policy was adopted.

Observers do not haunt the Iraqi affair, suspicion, in the enjoyment of the Minister of Finance leave for two months at this sensitive time, shortening and neglect, in the light of financial crisis and calls for follow-up care.

And accordingly, the interrogation Zebari, really is constitutionally and legally sought by Congress.

The media reports circulated earlier, news that Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari take a vacation for two months spent in London.

He knew Zebari, as a minister, "Kurdish" before an Iraqi, and his relatives have influenced President of the Kurdistan region very much on the political agenda and method of administration of the Ministry of "external" and "financial", which received the orders and directions of Barzani directly.

Zebari, who adopted his weight ballooned and his fortune in recent years, too, to benefit approach for the benefit of the region, and seek consensus with Baghdad, but in the case of disagreement and differences it tends to Erbil.

Sometimes Zebari pursued a policy of fait accompli and delivery, while not find choice but to accept the fact numbers and realities, thus allowing a minister to stay patient in the flesh, not spirit Baghdad, where his heart in Erbil, and them.

The man, who is the current Minister of Finance and proved to be a diplomatic Alnhaz opportunities, and the investee, for the benefit of the region, and that does not interest him in Iraq only as a cash cow generate "petro-dollar" for the region.

And it could have had Zebari, Iraqi and Kurdish, and nationally in that, but time "Altanasr", and contraction to the borders of the community, national, dragging it to the paths of selfishness.

Unfortunately, Zebari did not succeed when he was carrying the banner of foreign confidence in the recovery of Iraq by the international community, after dyed previous systems, the Iraqi diplomacy, the language of bayonets and guns, was marketed Kurdish state from behind the scenes.

It was his philosophy in the foreign and finance both, emotional not rational, taking into account his feelings toward his territory and his boss.

It is strange that Zebari despite his good relations with the parties to the political process in Baghdad, distanced himself, for the efforts of reconciliation between Baghdad and Erbil It is as if some of the illusion that a neutral, between the two parties, while the fact that Zebari obedient tool in the hands Barzani behind closed doors, hatched behind clouds break.

If Zebari was on the limited knowledge of foreign affairs, by virtue of his experience in the Diaspora, but someone "accidental" to the Ministry of Finance, it was produced by the quota system.

Although the phenomenon of the weak minister that prevailed in the era after 2003, Iraq has struggled hard and risky attempts to weaken and abortion and filmed his experience as a country torn represented by ministers market their goods community, national, not home, on the road to put the country at the bottom of the regional punctuation.

In an earlier report for "obelisk" reported the views of the elite media and political and citizens, Foreign Minister "frozen time" Hoshyar Zebari work for years on the marketing of "Kurds" issues Abdel Iraqi Foreign window during which compliment of states supporting terrorism and market wills province leader of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, where He was coordinating with him, and carried out his instructions.

And played nearly Hoshyar of Massoud Barzani (free the leader of Iraqi Kurdistan eternal Massoud Barzani and belongs Alyosrh Barzani not displaced from office) role in his political rise, to be favoritism The first factor in the political will, while representing his experience outside Iraq, secondly factor in Tbooh the position of the Foreign Ministry , and other than that it is not to Zebari of talent "exceptional" owner would make him distinct in politics.

According to informed sources the-scenes politics in the period of the Governing Council, said Massoud pressure strongly to make his neighbor and mercy Zebari positions were not even in his mind he sees some of it is "fertile ground" for the very access to wealth and prestige, in what was to Hakiq Bzibara and a woman, to be Hmthma disbursed Ihsnan what to do themselves from the cataclysms of the hated and accessories forbidden, and accusations that the cause is not worthy of them.


- Hoshyar Mahmud Zebari, Mohammed, was born in 1953.

- Certificate of political science in 1976.

- Master's degree in science in 1979 from the United Kingdom meeting.

- A member of the Central Committee of the Political Bureau of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in 1979.

- Representative of the party in Europe 1988 to 2003.

- As foreign minister in the Iraqi government in 2006 and 2010.

- 10/18/2014 legal right in as finance minister in the Iraqi government led constitutional third.