Trade Bank of Iraq: we will adopt a new mechanism to give loans

2016/02/02 12:03 Number of Views: 27

It announced the Trade Bank of Iraq, on Tuesday, that the bank did not take its decision on stop giving loans, but set conditions and mechanisms to give loans to traders in cooperation with the Business Council of Iraq and the Federation of Industries of the data and be clear in front of the bank.

The Director of the bank Hamdiya dry in an interview for "tomorrow Press", "The Commercial Bank of Iraq has not made its decision on stop giving loans to traders and industrialists, but relied on a new mechanism," indicating that "the Bank has set the terms of cooperation with the boards of the Iraqi businessman and the Iraqi Federation of Industries It is known to be a merchant in accordance with the existing data. "

She said, "Trade Bank of Iraq, will adopt the mechanism of consultation with these organizations and councils to get to the correct data in order to take credit for the production of Iraqi industries."وض