Electricity Minister pledged to provide electricity for 24 hours economy consumption by 20%

Mortgage Electricity Minister Qassim Fahdawi, Tuesday, providing electricity for 24 hours economy consumption by 20%, while stressing that the US company will enter into service 700 MW in the next summer.

Said Fahdawi in a meeting with a number of satellite channels, "The privatization of the collection project requires the investor to reduce consumption by 20%, and so would be on the citizen to economize on energy use by 20% of the maximum during the summer, if the citizen five air conditioners and snuff or one who has ten lights switched off and the two of them, so when the electricity in the whole of Iraq would be sufficient for 24 hours. "

He Fahdawi "recognize that we did not succeed in the process of tax collection in the Ministry of Electricity not previously or currently, so we decided to enlist the jurisdiction in this area," asserting that "the privatization of tax collection project will benefit the ministry, investor will receive only 12.9% of the levy revenues while win 25% of the electricity that is currently stolen, and that the investor binding procuring specific sums of money from the Iraqi government is not entitled to determine the amounts imposed on the citizen. "

With regard to the contract signed by the Ministry of Electricity with recent American company "GE", Fahdawi said, "We have provided to the company several requests included the rehabilitation of stations and to increase efficiency and Ttaghizna tools backup and transfer stations gas-powered to plants black oil to get rid of the fuel problem with the Ministry of Oil and it works. "

He pointed to "get a dispute with the ministry on prices because some prices was exaggerated, we asked from specialists and the Americans have to choose the agreed paragraphs that found no differences in terms of prices, altering the number of billion dollars to $ 328 million, and approved the Council of Ministers that was signing of the contract, and I was informed today that there is a ship carrying equipment moved from the United States to Iraq. "

Minister of Electricity and explained that "the end of the contract with the American company's introduction of 700 MW into service next summer," pointing out that "in the last summer we were in dire need of 1500 MW, and the case will change if this amount of energy availability