Speaker of Parliament in Washington six days without political activities since no comments

2016-02-02 09:35:59 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Description MPs, yesterday, the visit by the Speaker of the House a few days ago to Washington as "mysterious", and it has without the knowledge of the political blocs.

But the mass of the Speaker of Parliament confirmed that the visit "personal" and not formalized. However, the Union of Forces Jubouri says that exploits the opportunity of his visit to meet with senior US officials raised some issues of concern to the Sunni Arabs.

The House of Representatives, declared in 27 of the last month, the arrival boss Saleem al-Jubouri to "the invitation he received from American universities and research institutions to develop concepts and ideas on the developments in the political and economic situation in Iraq and the region."

A statement from Imad al-Khafaji, the official spokesman for al-Jubouri, was quoted as saying that "the President of the House of Representatives will also meet during the visit, which lasts several days, senior administration officials to discuss a range of issues in the forefront of the fight against extremism and eliminate the roots of terrorism."

Since last Tuesday, did not register to the Speaker of Parliament official activities or political statements in the US capital Washington.

Commenting on the topic says MP Talal Zobaie, Chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, said that "Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri's visit to Washington comes without the knowledge of the heads of parliamentary committees and blocs, including the Iraqi forces Union bloc, which supported him to sit at the site of the presidency of the Council of Representatives."

He Zobaie (range), said that "any figure in the House of Representatives do not know the reasons for al-Jubouri's visit to Washington and its dimensions," adding that "Washington visit enveloped in mystery and recorded by a lot of question marks."

MP from the Union of Iraqi forces criticized the performance of the House of Representatives, describing him as "unwanted and that he continued to go down in terms of management in light of the financial challenges faced by Iraq," adding that "the Council President's visit to Washington had not afford any benefit of Iraq."

He said Chairman of the Integrity Commission, which recently changed Jubouri student, saying that "the House of Representatives held accountable boss on this visit and the results achieved them." He pointed out that the Integrity Committee called on the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to disclose the amounts allocated for the visit, but did not respond to the latest Commission.

But Dhafer al-Ani, a leading figure in the Union of Forces, asserts that "al-Jubouri went to Washington as head of the Iraqi parliament."

He said al-Ani, told the (range), that "the invitation to political and personal, in the formation of a parliamentary delegation," noting that "al-Jubouri went on the grounds that a political leader."

A member of the Union forces that "al-Jubouri, will meet with senior administration officials to discuss a range of issues, in the forefront of the fight against extremism."

Ani revealed that the President of the Parliament will deliver a lecture at Harvard University, as well as conducted for the expected meeting with the president of the American parliament as well as with Joe Biden, US Vice President. "

It is expected the leader of the Union of Forces that the agenda of the visit includes "discuss security and economic challenges and difficulties faced by the Sunni tribes in obtaining weapons and is fighting Daash organizations, as well as working on finding enough centers to accommodate the numbers of volunteers western regions."

He continues, Ani expectations by saying that "Diyala issue will be present in the debate on the model of what mind profoundly regret Sunni Arab militias that kidnap and kill, demographic change and witnessed by a subsidiary of some provincial areas."

Ani and expressed his belief that "al-Jubouri, all these issues will be put neutrally balanced where no harm to any party or any component." And bridge saying, "Our problem is not with criminals and with our partners in the home."

In turn, MP Raad Dahlaki, a member of Diyala bloc says our identity, headed by the Speaker of Parliament, said that "most of the files that Saleem al-Jubouri will present in Washington is arming Sunni tribes as well as the possibility of internationalization of Diyala issue."

Aldhlki confirms, in a statement to (range), "The visit of al-Jubouri is a personal visit in the absence of any parliamentary delegation is accompanying the president to Washington," likely to "review the results of the visit, al-Jubouri in parliament to all the information of the House of Representatives."