Reshuffle "psychological warfare" Abadi adopted to improve the performance of his ministers

2016-02-02 09:33:26 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Deliberately Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi use the style of "psychological warfare" against the minister through continuous brandishing an imminent change of government in order to get him to improve ministerial performance. According to the deputy of the Dawa Party.

But the political forces do not exclude that the recent criticism of reference be behind the increasing talk about the upcoming change of government.

He described the representative of the religious authority the government's reforms, launched last summer, as "not serious".

In the meantime, political forces confirm that any future change of government will be in a "horse-trading" and rotate the positions will not be anything new comes.

For its part, calls for the prime minister of Kurdish parties to speed up the "changing faces" when it comes to corruption.

Ministerial changes expected

And likely leaks, revealed (range) recently, to lead the new change to reduce the cabinet to 18-17 Ministry, through the integration of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, education and higher education, despite the inclusion of the Ministry of Science and Technology for the first. It is expected to integrate the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Communications, brought together to financial planning.

Arafat denies the Attorney Karam, a member of the Kurdistan Democratic bloc, told the (range), the existence of intent to change Zebari.

The news suggested replacing the Rose Nuri Shaways, deputy Abadi article, instead Zebari.

Karam confirms that "any possible change of government cabin will include all the political forces and the Kurds is not a minister on their own." But he says that "the change in time will cause disrupt the work of the ministries."

Kurds and lost three ministerial posts during limbering wave launched by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi last summer, after the cancellation of the Ministry of Women and as deputy prime minister, and the Ministry of State.

In the opinion of the Kurdistan Democratic bloc member that "the political, security and financial conditions unfavorable to step ministerial change," adding, "I would recommend it to speed Abadi to take any appropriate action if it relates to the elimination of corruption."

The prime minister stressed, during the Police Day celebration last month, that "2016 will be the year the eradication of corruption."

And other scenarios unfolded about the features of the upcoming change of government, through the integration of the Ministry of Electricity with oil headed by the leader of the Supreme Council, Adel Abdul Mahdi, which, to be formed and the Ministry of Oil and Energy.

It was Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Supreme Council, last week stressed the need that any reshuffle prospective "justified and non-impulsive."

He said al-Hakim, in his weekly, "there must be a scientific and professional assessment and the justification is clear and acceptable to all the decision in the reshuffle away from the mood and personalization and improvised decisions that are not consistent with the institutional work."

Supreme Council and the mass citizen three ministries and has an oil, transport, youth and sports. It did not affect the share limbering Hakim bloc, which has been fully retained their ministries, with the Dawa Party, who owns one ministry with the post of prime minister.

Courting reference

In the meantime attribute MP Ali al-Badri, head of advocacy organization inside the party bloc, the increasing talk about the change of government to "criticize and reference increase the street claims it."

He said al-Badri, said in an interview with the (range), that "the prime minister permanently trying to send letters to those actors that reforms in the past and will not stop."

The prime minister, a month after the launch of reforms, he would not back down on the new measures, "even if it cost him his life."

But the head of the call block - inside the organization says that the latter "will not be able to leave quotas in any future change."

Describes al-Badri, limbering first, last August, which reduced the government's Ministry of 33 to 22, that he was a "big political blocs agreement, while ensuring that the loss of any party."

The attention of a member of a coalition of state law that "Christians biggest losers, has been taken from them and the Ministry of Science and Technology did not give any alternative position."

The Minister of Science Almrhq Knight Jajo said, after cancellation of his ministry, that the order was "ill-advised", referring to the success of his ministry in more than one project.

And canceled Abadi, last summer 0.11 a position in the government. This included cancellation of the Ministry of Human Rights, and the Ministry of State for Women's Affairs, and the Ministry of State for Provincial Affairs and the House of Representatives, and the Ministry of another country.

As the integration of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Municipalities and the Ministry of Construction and Housing, and the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities Ministry of Culture.

Feminine versus new positions

Believes that al-Badri, "Abadi helpless before naming Minister substitute my own name, to the Minister of Trade.

Faces Mlas Alexanzan, Commerce Minister Allawi's coalition, charges of corruption and considered by the Council of Ministers last year, resigned "for not Mbacherth his work." It was assigned to the Minister of Labour Mohammed Sudanese ministry of running proxy.

And confirms the head of the call - Block organizing Iraq "Any new government will change across the bargains and take the Ministry of the block and give them the body or bodies by the weight of the ministry."

The most views go to the new reforms will go towards restructuring and the abolition of some independent bodies which accuses the "Dawa" control of most of them.

At the same Alsaig MP Faleh al-Khazali, a member of the Badr bloc, "it has not been confirmed yet and there is a new change of government," adding that "says it did not come out from the framework of the leaks."

It is likely Khazali, told the (range), that "al-Abadi practiced by waving to conduct a reshuffle pressure and fight the ministers and the bloc psychologically to improve their performance."

On the other hand reduces the Badr member parliamentary bloc of the importance of changing ministers or merge ministries, mainly facing legal obstacles, influential in bringing about reforms in the administrative and political structure of the State.

Khazali and calls for the prime minister to "attention to economic reforms now and search for alternatives after the fall in oil prices."

And it requires Abadi send new laws to parliament to regulate things ministries, the new format that it became after the reforms and the abolition of the previous laws, something that has not happened so far, according to the words of Congress.