Wasit Investment: 6 permits for projects with $ 282 million

0202 2016
Wasit Investment Authority announced a grant of six licenses for residential, commercial, recreational and industrial projects different during the year past 2015, at a total cost of $ 282 million, and complained of red tape in government departments to maintain that prevented awarded dozens of other vacations that he could contribute to reviving the local economy.
The head of the body, honest hoody Abbas, that the authority granted in the past in 2015, six licenses to investors Iraqis or foreigners to set up projects at a total cost of $ 282 million, noting that the six licenses divided by two in the first housing sector for the company Lebanese undertakings, to set up a complex that includes Alvin and 400 units carried out horizontally in the land of the old Walcott camp, and the second for two Iraqi companies, two Farr world and the Office of Almjebal, for the establishment of 366 housing units carried out horizontally in hand Zubaydiah.
Annahar 2016