Parliamentary Finance: state banks granted loans worth billions of dinars guarantees illegal

02/02/2016 12:01:00 am

Baghdad / Muhannad Jawad

Finance Committee announced in the House of Representatives, on Monday, for the opening of an investigation on the granting of a large State-owned banks' loans guarantees symbolic "and the non-payment of premiums and benefits, while confirming that it would hand over its final report to the Integrity Commission to take appropriate action.
Said Finance Committee member Majida al-Tamimi, in an interview to the (long-Presse), that "the Commission set up a committee under my leadership to investigate the granting of financial loans by some government banks without collateral or symbolic guarantees are not commensurate with the amounts estimated contrary to the instructions approved file," indicating that " The Commission has identified a group of beneficiaries of these loans. "
Tamimi added that "the investigation showed that the borrowers did not pay the installments due on them and the benefits of it," pointing to "the existence of corrupted files in this subject starting from the approval of these loans, down to the lack of follow-up to the payment of installments or get benefits, raising question marks many. "
Tamimi added that "the investigative committee held a series of meetings with the authorities concerned to grant such loans to determine the circumstances of the file", pointing out that it "cost the Office of Financial Supervision Commission to provide a detailed report on the subject."
MP for the Liberal bloc She said, "The Commission's investigation is currently focused on a large State-owned banks (unspecified), on the grounds that the disposal of public money", stressing that "the Commission will send its final report to the Integrity Commission to take appropriate action on it."
The Committee on the economy and investment parliamentary confirmed, Sunday (18 / January / 2016), that most of the loans and advances, the government went to the owners of special grades of politicians. And as pointed out that the government lacks the strategic plans in the distribution of the 100 salary loans, financial expert called for the application of laws on lending system and impose control over those funds.
She said a member of the economic and investment commission parliamentary Nora Albjara, in an interview for the "long", that "most of the loans of the 100 salary launched by the government of the staff previously not benefited ordinary employees, but only benefited owners and senior special grades and general managers and judges only," adding that "There are difficult at the moment to the deduction of the amounts of such loans from ordinary employees, due to lack of their salaries as a result of the financial crisis faced by the country."
And confirmed by saying that "those with special grades ranging in salaries between 3-5 million dinars have been withholding them for a period but stopped for various reasons, therefore, the government today to demand that these pay off discharged because of the financial crisis and lack of liquidity, and the need for banks to these amounts To activate the economic sectors that will move the local market. "
It is noteworthy that money laundering and economic crime court revealed earlier, for a number of government and private banks to give substantial financial loans without collateral. As promised, this constitutes a "theft Musharanh", many take action against some borrowers and cooperation with the Central Bank to recover those loans confirmed.