Iraqi Vice recognized by receiving millions of dollars in bribe: We are all corrupt

01/02/2016 19:42

MP Mishan al-Jubouri said in an interview with an Iraqi channel, said that all the political class in Iraq is corrupt and each of us has his role in this corruption .. When asked how so? He replied: We in Parliament, for example, when there are corrupted files, we must open the file owner comes bribe be paid are not attractive to move to open file corruption.

As if he had taken a bribe like this, he said: Yes, and God and my honor I took a bribe several million dollars to close the file corruption but I took the bribe and did not file closed, as called for his friend to Stma Boqza words, according to the interview published by the "Culture" that.

He stressed the Attorney-Jubouri saying .. everyone is corrupt from Labs sensible to wearers of the turban to Mandarin any owner of Tuxedo .. He added: members of parliament and the government are all corrupt and non-corrupt cowardly talk about corruption or detect a shrug, or is happy huge privileges obtained from armored cars The guards and prestige, which opens its doors to all security barriers passes through.

As if he believed that the ruling political class in Iraq is currently the responsibility for the destruction of the country, he replied Jubouri: Yes, all the political class is the destruction of Iraq .. and if there is hungry in the street and a child sleep without food and people die because of the lack of or inability to obtain medicine, reason is in the protected Green Zone in central Baghdad and other political class, the political class, which manages the provinces.

He said: We all have a responsibility .. We all take a bribe, and no one does not take it no matter how high would, and says the opposite is a liar .. It reveals any corruption it would soon be killed. He said: I swear by Almighty God I knew the stories of corruption if the Iraqis attacked the Green Zone where it is burnt but I can not because I will kill exposed.

He pointed out that any person file a claim against a corruption case, he kills after hours and currently there are elements of protesters in demonstrations Friday against corruption had been kidnapped and no longer one knows their fate .. and even the judge or the Chief Justice of the Supreme Council if he tried to open a corruption case it soon Sitah by .

The MP Mishan al-Jubouri said in conclusion: everyone involved in corruption, so corruption has become something natural and non-defective, but proud of taking bribes .. corruption crush Iraq crushed.