Central: The government is able to overcome its expenses

01/02/2016 16:11

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: Central Bank of Iraq announced, Monday, that the government is able to bypass expenditure for the current year, adding that part of the coverage of these expenditures will be through the issuance of national bonds.

The governor of the bank on the Keywords in a press conference with a number of officials and specialists of financial affairs at the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, said that "the available indicators at the present time analysis on all aspects of liquidity, that the government will be able to overcome this year within the coverages that were agreed upon."

Keywords and added that "within the coverage of the budget will be put national bonds at home to buy them by the citizens at an interest rate similar to the interest that is put forward by foreign bonds", adding that "these bonds will bring good return to the citizen."

The competent officials some financial affairs, announced the failure of the Iraqi government's ability to pay employees' salaries for more than three months to come because of lower oil prices, which impact negatively on the general budget for Iraq, which relies on 95% of these exports.