Local authorities in Sulaymaniyah reduce the prices of goods and services

January 31, 2016 8:36

And put the province of Sulaymaniyah Kurdistan Region of Iraq, in cooperation with the trade plan room and a number of traders, to reduce rents and the prices of goods in the province.
The decision came after a meeting of the Governor of Sulaimaniya, and his deputy, with the Chamber of Commerce and maintain a number of merchants in it. The deputy governor of Sulaymaniyah Sardar able at a news conference in Sulaimaniya, that in the next few days, citizens will feel the results of the implementation of the new plan.
He is able to now that the price of gasoline has fallen because of the competition between winning traders, noting that the province is working on the import of goods through border crossings.
He added that efforts are being made in order to open markets at discounted prices in order to reduce the profit margin on the goods, stressing the serious work to reduce prices.
A source in the Council of Ministers of the region had announced earlier that the provincial government is seeking to lower prices in medical clinics and education wages and the prices of goods in the markets, and will hold a meeting on Sunday in order to achieve these goals. "