Parliamentary: $ 312 billion worth of funds looted from Iraq in 10 years


Baghdad / term
Guessed MP Zeinab visual sums of money that were stolen during the last ten years, more than $ 300 billion, attributed it to "financial and administrative corruption rampant within the state institutions."
Basri said in a statement that "the Iraqi funds looted by the mafias administrative and financial corruption during the present decade ago in the international banks and the names of senior mafias corruption that still exist under the shadow of political headlines and political cover in the political process."
He added that "These mafias stolen $ 312 billion but are looking for more entitled quotas and sale of ministries and government positions."
She Basri, said "the current Iraqi government bears full responsibility for the recovery of the looted money through the embassies of Iraq and the global legal institutions and Interpol because it funds the Iraqi people who are suffering from the economic crisis while sumptuously corrupt money Iraqi oil without the expense or punishment, as long as the quota system and political consensus to protect the corrupt ".
Iraq and class within the last international report of 10 of the most corrupt countries in the world, as well as suffering from the fight against the terrorist organization Daash with the drop in oil prices in global markets, which will increase the deterioration of the economic conditions have been exposed to the risk of bankruptcy, according to observers.