United Nations: an appeal for 861 million dollars to meet the emergency needs of Iraq

2016 3101
The United Nations announced on Sunday, announced the launch of an appeal, to raise $ 861 million, to provide emergency humanitarian needs in Iraq.

It will focus the funds that have been collected to launch an appeal, on the two main axes, namely humanitarian axis and the axis of stability in liberated areas of Baiji and Tikrit and Saadia and Rabia, gray, Sinjar and the role and Mkishvh, and other areas.

According to a government report said on Sunday that Iraq needs to 1.56 billion dollars this year to finance the deal with a humanitarian crisis triggered by fighting Daash measures.

The report added that "Baghdad that suffer from a lack of liquidity amid falling oil prices and rising military spending associated with fighting the terrorist gangs will be able to finance less than 43 percent of the humanitarian needs of its budget."

Iraq and called for "the participation of the international community to meet this deficit."

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